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A group of foreign exchange students studying at E.S.U in New York, they come to the attention of Spiderman and Captain Britain when they are rude in a restaurant Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Brian Braddock are eating in. Later, when Brian and Peter are patrolling the streets as their alter-egos, Brian sees a group robbing a bio-tech lab, but fails to recognise the students due to be drunk. As he attacks, the students begin to change, twisting into new shapes, becoming humanoid dogs. They call themselves ‘The Litter’, and attack as one. They plan to genetically alter humans into becoming like them, as they believe themselves to be the superior species. Soon, Spiderman arrives and joins in the fray. Trying to prove himself, he hits one of the Litter, Basenji, too hard, and they crash into a wall and revert back to being human. The fight stops immediately, and Spiderman calls for an ambulance.[1]

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