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Project Livewire,[1] The Real AIM[2]
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Information-silk Enemies
Project White Whale, Deadpool, Agents of Wakanda
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Information-silk Place of Formation
Project Livewire Facility, undisclosed desert location in the United States of America
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A group of androids built by a black-ops project who went somewhat rogue based on programming by their creator David Jenkins which led them to hunt down and destroy other renegade, dangerous and morally repugnant black-ops projects.[3]


Equipment: Disguises
Transportation: Van
Weapons: Firearms, various pieces of technology salvaged from black-ops projects they've destroyed


  • The Livewire's technology is largely descended from that of the Mannites and S.H.I.E.L.D. Life-Model Decoys, though modified with additional technology they've picked up on past missions.


  • Cornfed told Stem Cell that his team doesn't like being called "robots", believing it to be a pejorative slur and referring to it as the "r-word". The word comes from a Czech word, robota, meaning "forced labor". Instead, they suggested "semi-autonomous, artificially intelligent, limited-nanofunction, humanform mecha constructs," as well as also often referring to one another and other such beings as "mecha".[4][5]

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