Living Talisman (Magical Weapon) from Thor Vol 1 143 002

Living Talisman as an energy storm

Each of the Enchanters wore a stone face-like plaque on their chests; each was referred to as a Living Talisman, which could speak and act on their own (when directed to by the Enchanters) and enhanced the Enchanters' powers, enabling them to absorb energy, etc. Each Living Talisman could manifest itself as an elemental storm or as an imposing humanoid creature, as strong as an Asgardian god. All four Living Talismans were presumably destroyed: Odin crushed Forsung's and Brona's, Enrakt's was apparently destroyed in battle with Thor, and Magnir's vanished.[citation needed]
Living Talisman (Magical Weapon) from Thor Vol 1 143 003

Living Talisman as a humanoid

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