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Nobel prize-winning bio-chemist Dr. Michael Morbius suffered from a debilitating blood disease and developed an experimental treatment involving vampire bats and electroshocks. The side effects turned him into a "Living Vampire," a pseudo-vampire who needed to consume blood in order to survive, and gained typical vampire characteristics such as an aversion to sunlight, flight, enhanced strength, speed and healing. He also resembled a Vampire with fangs, his nose flattened to appear more bat-like, and his skin became extremely pale.[1]

A "Living Vampires" bite would turn its victims into living vampires themselves. When he first experienced the change, Morbius killed the assistant who had helped him develop the treatment.[2]

Morbius turned other people in to Living Vampire such as Jefferson Bolt,[3] Emilio,[4] the bounty hunter Vic Slaughter,[5] and Roxy, a girl dying from an overdose.[6]

Nate Grey

Nate Grey was infected by Morbius and was transformed into a Living Vampire. He eventually cured himself as by, according to Spider-Man, isolating and destroying the vampirism virus with his telekinesis.[7]


Scientist and Hydra agent; Dr. Loxias Crown kidnapped Morbius to study him.[8] Spider-Man came to his rescue but when he freed Morbius he attacked Crown. As they grappled the island began to explode. In the resulting explosion, Morbius drained his blood.[9] This lead to him becoming a living vampire like Morbius.[10]

Powers and Abilities


Living Vampires possesses several super human attributes, including superhuman strength and regenerative healing; however, unlike a real vampire the are not vulnerable to the traditional weaknesses of vampires, like a wooden stake through the heart and religious symbols.[citation needed]



Michael Morbius, Vic Slaughter, Hunger, Jefferson Bolt

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