Liza was a young actress for Mallett Studios who co-starred with Louis Belski in his film 'Fangs of Dracula.' She had fallen in love with fellow actor Gary Stone, though she was forced into being the lover of her producer, McGruder, in order to keep her job. McGruder knew she did not really care for him and was very jealous over her and affections for Stone. One night Belski happaned upon him beating on Liza and came to her rescue, accidently killing McGruder in the scuffle. When Liza seemed shocked at the death of McGruder, Belski, who had been drinking, thought himself to be a real vampire and tried to suck her blood. When he found he could not pierce her skin he fled the scene as studio crew members chased him.

About a week later, Liza returned to the studio with her beau, Gary, preparing for a romantic evening. When the pair discovered the body of another studio employee, however, Stone ran off claiming he was going for help, leaving Liza behind. Belski then appeared and chased Liza, still claiming to be a vampire. Liza attempted to feign affection for the man, hoping to save herself, but Belski did not believe himself to be likable by the fairer sex. In the midst of this confrontation, the real Dracula appeared and threw Belski aside, angered by what he considered to be Belski's pathetic interpretation of him on the big screen. Dracula then drank Liza's blood, killing her. In an odd way Liza actually found to be the moment of her own death to be the only one in which she found true happiness.

Days later, Liza and Belski both awoke to find themselves in the Los Angeles city morgue, discovering that they had been transformed into vampires. The pair decided to return to Mallett studios, "for old time's sake," in order to try and find someone to feed upon and attaked Jack Russell's Werewolf form. They nearly succeeded in overpowering the Werewolf when he was helped by Russell's neighbour and fellow werewolf, Raymond Coker. Unlike Jack, Coker retained most of his human intellect while in his werewolf form and impaled Liza with a wooden stake he found. Belski was similarly killed by the Werewolf at the same time[1].


After being turned, Liza possessed all of the typical powers and attributes of a vampire, including sharp fangs used to suck blood in order to replenish her own life force, enhanced strength and the ability to transform into a large bat.


After being transformed, Liza possessed all of the traditional weaknesses of a vampire, including sunlight, crosses and wooden stakes.

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