Not much is known about the so-called Lizardmen, an alien race that is unique to Earth-5391 a reality where space travel boomed around the late 20th century. They were a race that lived on an asteroid that apparently travelled through space, surviving by unknown means. By the year 2075 they required the heat of a life giving star and came upon the Sol system. There they asked the Saturnians if they may share their star, unaware that there were other sentient races in the system. The Saturnians, a warlike race refused to allow them to share the sun, and the Lizardmen in a moment of desperation used a gigantic magnet to try and steal the sun. This brought both the Saturnians and the United Planet's peacekeeping force known as the Space Sentinels to stop them, forging a grudging alliance. When the Lizardmen were stopped, the Space Sentinel's leader Speed Carter questioned them and learned why they were trying to steal the sun. He then offered them to stay in Earth's solar system, as the sun was there for all of them to use. The Lizardmen accepted the offer and now reside in Earth's solar system[1].


Level of Technology: The Lizardmen have access to some advanced technology such as space ships that can travel at least interplanetary distances. They also developed a magnetic device that had enough strength to move a G-Type Star.

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