Llan is an ancient mystical being dedicated to helping humanity destroy itself. He appears on the earthly plane every ten thousand years and it is the duty of the Talisman to battle him.[1]

When he re-appeared most recently, he took the form of a super-villain and was forced to face Alpha Flight as well as Talisman. To facilitate his plans, he tricked Talisman into attacking him first. He then trapped Alpha Flight in a maze of dimensions.

Llan had used his powers to manipulate the government of Canada to be extremely negative towards Alpha Flight and to form Gamma Flight. He also used his powers to create various other problems for the heroes, making it harder for them to organize against him.

Llan was finally beaten after Talisman opened the Gateway of Day to counter his opening the Gateway of Night. Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight II and the Canadian military battled the demons that Llan had battled while Talisman faced Llan and Northstar, Aurora, and Doctor Stephen Strange helped Talisman open the door from the other side.[2]

Llan (Sorcerer) from Gamers Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 6
It is unlikely that Llan will be seen any time soon since he is only supposed to be able to return to earth every ten thousand years.
Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Llan is an extremely powerful mage. He has control over demons and can access various dimensions.

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