Llans Ivo is one of Aza Chorn and Phon Mooda cluster wives.

When four alien diplomat kids were on Planet Hod causing trouble the Warpsmiths noticed them, Phon Mooda asked the nervous and inexperienced Uxu Chil to give them a warning which the kids ignored, Llans Ivo attacked them thinking they were their enemies the Qys using alien kids bodies to fool them, their plan was to injure them but Uxu Chil due to her lack of experience and being scared destroyed a support pillar of the structure they were on and killed one of the kids.

They were then called by the Black Warpsmiths to answer for what they did, with Aza Chorn as the leader taking responsibility, it is then that the Black Warpsmiths reveal that this was indeed a plan executed by the Qys, they hired the kids to cause this ruckus and distract the Warpsmiths, they also revealed that while the Qys can create bodies they can't copy the Warpsmiths metabolism and gain their capabilities, it is then that Aza Chorn realizes that Tenga Dril one of his cluster husbands was repeatedly saying that his derma-circuitry was damaged and he couldn't teleport, so he reaches the conclusion that a Qys killed his husband, made a copy of his body and he was the one that enacted this plan, the Qys finally reveals himself and Aza Chorn kills him instantly, clearing his family cluster name and avenging his husband. [1]

She was later seen along with the rest of her cluster family at Aza Chorn funeral who lost his life battling Johnny Bates.[2]

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