Lupine form

Llhupa was a werewolf who roamed near the lost City of the Howling Demons in Tibet. How she came to be cursed with lycanthropy remains unrevealed. When explorers Sanders and Medwick came to the region to search for the lost city, Llhupa attacked them in the night. She slew Medwick but only wounded Gordon in the attack before he shot her with his gun, sending her fleeing, wounded, into the night.

The following day, Sanders found Llhupa in human form, seriously injured from her gunshot wounds. Not making the connection, Sanders tried to get her aid, but none of the natives would help. He got her to a doctor on time and eventually married her upon his return to the United States.

Stricken with lycanthropy, Sanders accidentally killed occult expert Dr. Martin Keller when the transformation came upon him. Finally realizing the truth, Gordon confronted his wife, who denied his claims. However, when nightfall came, Llhupa transformed into a wolf and fatally wounded Gordon. She then attempted to attack the support staff of his mansion, only to be slain by the other-dimensional hero the Vision, who came to the house investigating Keller's murder.[1]


Llhupa was stricken with a form of lycanthropy of which the exact properties remain unknown. She could transform into a fully lupine state; however, if this is affected by the phases of the moon remain unrevealed. If anyone bitten by her survived, they would also be cursed with lycanthropy.


It is unknown if Llhupa has any of the conventional weaknesses that are common among werewolves, however she was slain by the extreme cold generated by the Vision.

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