Llyron was the Lemurian husband of Rhonda Morris and the father of Llyra. Rhonda's family owned an oceanarium and Llyron lived there after being captured by fishermen. Llyron and Rhonda fell in love and were married by a friend of the Morris family. Llyron was killed by a shark soon after due to the recklessness of one of the attendants working at the oceanarium.

Llyra claims Rhonda gave birth to Llyron's twin daughters. Rhonda however claims that Llyra merely has two personalities.[1]

Llyra named her son Llyron in honor of her father. Originally she passed her son off as Namor's but it was later revealed that Llyron's father was Leon McKenzie the half-nephew of Namor McKenzie. Llyra was an accomplice to the murder of Namor's father (and Leon's grandfather) Leonard McKenzie.

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