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Lo-Zar was a jungle adventurer who was active in the Republic of the Congo during the 1950s, his origins are unknown.

In his first recorded appearance he came to the aid of the Matubi Tribe who were being attacked by Communist agents seeking a hidden uranium mine in the Black Swamp region of the jungle. Lo-Zar defeated the communists and took their map and sought out the mine. In the Black Swamp he fought off Dinosaurs that still lived there before finding the mine. He found more communists located at the mine and with the aid of his elephant friend Gata he was able to defeat them and turn them over to the authorities[1]. Lo-Zar later exposed a communist spy named Serge from poisoning the river to wipe out local tribes and wild life so that his superiors could build a base on site[2].

Lo-Zar later helped defend the jungle from diamond thieves trying to drive out the natives and local animals, during this adventure he enlisted the aid of Hako, a giant bird[3]. Shortly thereafter Lo-Zar helped defend the Gabubi tribe from the Flaming Spear an elderly man who trained gorillas to toss flaming projectiles at the tribe in revenge for exiling him years earlier[4]. Later, Lo-Zar defended a herd of elephants from poachers and their communist employers[5]. Lo-Zar then encountered a tribe of Egyptians who fled their country centuries earlier. They believed that Lo-Zar was the so-called "Monarch of Evil" a being that was prophesied to kill their princess Keah. Lo-Zar surrendered to them as their prisoner to prove that he was not. Seeing that Lo-Zar was a brave man, Keah attempted to kill herself in order to beat the prophecy, forcing Lo-Zar to break free from his bonds and save her life countless times. Realizing that Lo-Zar was not the Monarch of Evil, the tribe of lost Egyptians then let Lo-Zar go and decreed the prophecy of the Monarch of Evil to be false[6].

Lo-Zar's subsequent activities and ultimate fate are unknown.

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Lo-Zar was a skilled fighter, very athletic and acrobatic. He was also able perfectly imitate animal calls in order to summon animals to aid him.



Hako: A giant hawk and Lo-Zar's mount.

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