The Loa are mystical beings related to the Vodu, who have been described either as:

  • The Voodoo Gods,[4][2] which are part of the Vodu gods of Africa.[5]
  • Gods of earth and underworld (as opposed to the Orishas, gods of sky and heaven).[6]
  • Spirits in the form of men.[7]
  • Lesser elemental spirits who possess more limited and specialized gifts that personify forces of nature. Mortals may ascend to that status.[5]

Twin brothers Legba and Eschu are the masters of the Loa, supervise them, and are often the first Vodu invoked by humans when they wish to call upon either loa or other Vodu for help.[5]

Petro loa are evil loa spirits of Voodoo, some such as Marinette-Bwa-Chech in the service of Ogoun.[3] Another evil loa, Moondog the Malicious, served Sagbata.[8]

Buluku is also the arbitrator between the Orishas (gods of sky and heaven) and the Loa (gods of earth and the underworld).[9]


History of this race is unknown.


Representatives: Three-Testicled Bull, One-Footed Dwarf (Ti-Jean-Petro), Moondog the Malicious, Marinette-Bwa-Chech

The Taker of Heads (Jean) was the son of a Loa and a human mother.[2]

Lusa is considered a loa, by the meaning "gods of earth and the underworld".[9]

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