Lobo the Duck is a fearless and muscular anti-hero bounty hunter who, along with his shape-shifting canine sidekick Impossible Dawg, is investigating the murders of several Amalgam Comics superheroes (the story takes place in an alternate universe where the heroes are dead).

Lobo only agrees to find the murderer(s) as the aforementioned heroes had paid him up-front, and soon begins the investigation. Lobo fights his way through Gold Kidney Lady, Doctor Bongface and various other supervillains before he realizes that the end of the world is about to begin, and only he can stop it.[1]


Regenerative healing factor, immortality.


Stamina and durability, Superhuman sense of smell, Genius level intellect, Able to track anyone or anything across galaxies, Master of Quack-Fu.

Strength level

Superhuman strength.


Bounty Hunter proficient in he use of knives, grenades, over-sized guns, and hooked chains, and about everything he can get his hands on.

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