Loc Do was a Chinese machinist and a minion to the Yellow Claw when the Claw took over the Mandarin's castle in China in an effort to kill the Mandarin following an idea of the Black Lama. Loc Do became the Claw's right-hand man, reporting directly to him and redirecting the Claw's orders to his other minions[1]. When the Mandarin was defeated while trying to raid the Castle, Loc Do later took the Mandarin's Rings, powerful items that the Claw had disregarded and believed destroyed in the attack. Loc Do believed that he could became a new Mandarin with the rings[2].

By burning the Mandarin's body, Loc Do gained the Claw's trust, and the Claw shared with Loc Do his plan to defeat several villains and win the Lama's Golden Globe of Power; although Loc Do and the Claw agreed to not trust completely the Lama. The Mandarin's Castle blew away soon after that when Iron Man confronted the Lama and the Claw[3].

However, the Mandarin had sent his mind essence to the Rings. When Loc Do donned and tested the Rings, the Mandarin took control and burned Loc Do's brain, killing him so that the Mandarin could have a body again[4].


He is a machinist.


Mandarin's Rings

Iron Man #100 is unclear about the fate of Loc Do's corpse: Apparently the Mandarin was not eager to simply possess the body of a commoner and instead replicated his own, creating a clone; to do so, Loc Do died. However, it is unclear whether the Mandarin's new body was made from Loc Do's body, or Loc Do killed in a process to create a new body for the Mandarin.

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