Lockheed first met Shadow Cat and Phoenix when they first arrived on Earth-1289 during the episode in the lives of Excalibur. Lockheed took an instant liking to Shadow Cat due to her prowess against her opponent. When the two left to locate their missing friends, Lockheed went with them as their companion, guide and protector[1].

Soon they found Alistair before they were captured by Anjulie and her monster, who was already draining the life force from the remaining members of Excalibur. They were rescued by Nightcrawler and another native of this world named Kymri. During the battle Anjulie was killed by Shadow Cat, saving Kymri's life in the process and Nightcrawler threw Phoenix into the monster's mouth, which destroyed it when it could not absorb the Phoenix Force that she possessed[1].

After the creature's death, the world's drained life force is returned to it, and the inhabitants celebrate, along with Excalibur. Soon the team announce that they will be holding a contest to find the world's champion, which would become a member of Captain Britain Corps. Lockheed signs up, and is a frontrunner, along with Kymri and a mysterious masked stranger who is secretly Phoenix in disguise. However, a slaver has also infiltrated the contest with an assassin[2].

Near the end of the contest they all hear screams. Investigating, they find that Shadow Cat, Lockheed, Nightcrawler and Captain Britain have all been slain, and that the masked woman is fighting with a six-limbed alien contestant. At first the masked woman is suspected as the killer, but when they realize it is the alien, he kills Alistaire and takes Meggan hostage. Kymri and Lockheed volunteer to distract the assassin while Phoenix takes him out, and they do so, but are shot dead by him in the process. Phoenix kills the assassin by throwing a sword at his head[2].

Grieving over their friends, Phoenix is reassured by Meggan, who says that together they can channel the lifeforce of the world to bring their friends back. They do so, and bring their friends who were killed back from the dead[2].

Lockheed then jointly assumes the mantle of her world's Captain Britain along with Kymri[1].


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superior Stamina


  • Keen Intellect


Carries a variety of swords

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