"I get the feeling...that if "someone" keeps this up...he's gonna regret he was ever hatched."
--Captain Kitty Pryde

Several years ago on Earth-616, Kitty Pryde told a bedtime story to young girl named Illyana Rasputina. Her story involved an adventurous far-off land populated by strange creatures and characters inspired by her own teammates – the X-Men. What Kitty didn't realize at the time however, was that she was in fact subconsciously creating her own alien dimension wherein these characters truly existed. Kitty's subconscious mind envisioned the X-Men's SR-71 Blackbird as a living, talking full-sized dragon named Lockheed.

Very little is known of Lockheed's race or history. What is known however, is that he is devoutly loyal to his close friend, the pirate Kitty Pryde, although he manages to cause her no end of frustration. Whenever Kitty is in need, Lockheed is always a whistle away (though it may actually take several whistles to get his attention).

Some time ago, Kitty asked Lockheed to provide transportation for herself as well as royal prince named Cyclops and his trusted wizard, Xavier. Carrying the crew upon his back, he flew them across the great expanse of the Western Ocean to a small, grassy inlet on Bamf Island.

What Lockheed didn't know, was that the evil cosmic entity Dark Phoenix had been tracking Cyclops' and Xavier's actions and followed them to the island. As if the presence of Dark Phoenix wasn’t enough to cause Lockheed great concern, he also had to contend with a hairy brute commonly referred to as the Fiend-With-No-Name. Fiend was the sort of individual who showed very little compassion and concern with his fellow creatures, and earned Lockheed's enmity by spearing him in the rear quarters with his razor-sharp claws.

Lockheed's issues with the Fiend became a minimal concern as he witnessed Dark Phoenix reining blasts of starfire energy down upon his friends. He engaged in battle with the dark entity, but ultimately it was Xavier who put the threat of Dark Phoenix to an end once and for all.[1]

Lockheed continued to accompany Kitty and her trusty first mate, Colossus on many more adventures. One incident involved a fracas with an alien sorcerer named Shagreen. Lockheed had brought Kitty and Colossus to the mountaintops at the Fangs of Doom to help a mutant named Nightcrawler save a colony of Bamfs from a life of subjugation. Though Lockheed had little involvement in the ordeal, his assistance was greatly valued and to this day, he continues to aid Captain Kitty whenever he’s needed.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Lockheed can fly with his wings and breathe fire. He seems resistant if not immune to fire and heat. The full speed and range of Lockheed's flight capabilities have never been measured.


Lockheed possesses the ability to articulate his thoughts and speaks in a thick, Scottish brogue.

Physical Strength

Lockheed possesses the strength level of a fully grown, adult male dragon. The full limits of Lockheed's strength have never been measured.


  • Lockheed's existence is predicated by the theory that whenever an individual creates an idea, that idea manifests itself as reality in an alternate dimension.


  • After Kitty told this tale, much later she met a real dragon on the sleazeworld while fighting the Brood. She called it Lockheed, presumably after this dragon.
  • Lockheed's name is taken from Lockheed Martin, the designers of the SR-71 Blackbird.
  • Lockheed has a tendency to refer to Kitty Pryde as Colleen. The history behind this peculiar nomenclature has yet to be revealed.

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