The history of this incarnation of Lockheed, most likely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. He is the pet of Katherine Pryde. At some point in the past, he joined the animal superhero-team the Pet Avengers.

Along with his owner, he was among the X-Men and many other New York superheroes that responded to a rampage seemingly caused by the Hulk (in reality, it was caused by the Abomination, who had been defeated by Hulk and Power Pack shortly before the heroes arrival). Wanting to be left alone, Hulk angrily attacked the heroes, forcing them to fight him. Like all the others, Lockheed found himself outmatched by the green giant until Katie Power used her powers to revert Hulk back to Bruce Banner.

Some time after this, as part of his grand plan to trick Power Pack into going to Asgard and get the Golden Apples of Idunn for him, Loki send a pack of Wargs to attack the Pet Avengers in Central Park. Power Pack noticed the battle while on the roof of the hospital in which their Grandmother was hospitalized, and came to the Pet Avengers aid. Together they were able to subdue the Wargs. With the Wargs now under their command, Throg used his powers to open a gateway to Asgard for Power Pack.

Later, when Loki's plan accidently set Ragnarok in motion and awoke the giant serpent Jormungand, Lockheed and the other Pet Avengers travelled to Asgard to aid Power Pack and Thor in battle against the monster.


Seemingly those of Lockheed of Earth-616.

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