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Appearing in "We Are A Band of Brothers"

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Synopsis for "We Are A Band of Brothers"

The Pet Avengers crash into the ocean, but are saved by Namor's Honor Guard turtles, who agree to help them find two more of the gems. Unfortunately, they are inside Giganto. The turtles flee and Hairball finally freaks out about so much water, waking up Giganto, who swallows them. Inside, Ms. Lion finds the gems, and they teleport away to the location of the final gem, the White House. The final gem is located in the Bo's collar. Bo takes off barking out the front door, and the Pet Avengers follow, only to run headlong into Thanos.

Solicit Synopsis

If you thought battling Devil Dinosaur was bad, you were barking up the wrong tree! Join Lockjaw and the rest of the Pet Avengers on a voyage under the sea! Their search continues for the Infinity Gems, and it leads them right to the bottom of the ocean. Can they find the gem before drowning or getting eaten by Giganto? If you don't pick up the third part of this fan-favorite series, you're all wet!

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