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Quote1.png Lockjaw has used the power of the gems to create a telepathic link between us. Long after the gems are gone, we will have a psychic bond that none can break. An if the world ever has need of the Pet Avengers again, we will stand ready. Quote2.png
-- Throg (Puddlegulp)

Appearing in "You Will Pay For What You Did!"

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Synopsis for "You Will Pay For What You Did!"

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They’ve been up/down/around/about/forward/backward. They’ve gone to the jungle/ocean/Central Park/outer space. They’ve scratched/pawed/clawed/gnawed their way throughout all existence, ALL for this moment! Now they’ve FINALLY found all of the Infinity Gems…so what’s a moon-puppy to do when he’s given all the power in the universe? FIND OUT HERE!!!! Featuring a VERY special presidential puppy appearance!


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