Nothing is known about the identity of the Locksmith. He boasted that as a young man, locks fascinated him. As his prowess in escaping from restraints developed, he became a highly adept and successful escape artist, but he was soon being overshadowed by the deeds of superheroes. People stopped paying to see him perform incredible deeds that they could see for free in public. He lashed out by purchasing a building and converting it into a prison especially equipped to imprison superhumans.[1]

He and a psychic he hired named Tick-Tock then began following San Francisco’s resident super-hero, Spider-Woman, around since her arrival in the city, and began capturing and detaining the superhumans that she encountered. Among the individuals they seized and captured were Tigra, Poltergeist, Angar the Screamer, Flying Tiger, Killer Shrike, The Needle, Tatterdemalion, the Werewolf, Daddy Long Legs, Nekra, The Enforcer, Hangman and Dansen Macabre.[1]

Eventually, the Locksmith and Tick-Tock captured Spider-Woman herself and brought her into their prison. Prohibited from using her powers, she managed to cause a jailbreak by having Tigra insult Poltergeist to the point that his psychokinetic power shut down her restraints. Spider-Woman then had Gypsy Moth use her power to switch costumes with her. Once in Gypsy Moth’s specially designed cell in tune to only her psychokinetic power, Spider-Woman escaped and freed all of the Locksmith’s other prisoners. Watching everyone escape, the Locksmith then had a nervous breakdown while Gypsy Moth restrained him and Tick-Tock long enough for the authorities to collect them.[1]


Locksmith is especially adept in picking and designing locks. He is also adept at creating locks and prisons incorporating drugs, gas and restraints in order to neutralize superhuman individuals.

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