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The Locus Vile were a group of Arakki mutants serving Tarn the Uncaring, Genomic Mage of Arakko. Tarn had the ability to manipulate the mutations of others. The process was deadly, but those who survived became members of the Locus Vile and worshipped him as a god. The Vile were hated and feared throughout Amenth and sought to usher Tarn to new lands, where he might use his powers to pervert living creatures, a process he considered sacred. [1]

The Vile were encountered by the Hellions who were tricked to journey to Amenth as part of a scheme by Mister Sinister to capture the genetic data of Arakko's mutants. They first encountered Tarn, who agreed to show Sinister his pet mutants, only for Sinister to unleash several robotic mosquitos that gathered the DNA of Tarn and the Vile. Enraged by this, Tarn ordered his Vile to kill Sinister and the Hellions. The Vile made short work of them, but Sinister sent the surviving Hellions back through the gate to Otherworld to escape with the DNA he gathered.[1] The clone of Sinister that had accompanied the Hellions was captured by Tarn. The clone was tortured by Tarn and the Vile and forced to submit to his will. [2]

After the defeat of Amenth in Saturnyne's Sword Contest, and the subsequent relocation of Arakko first to Earth and then to Mars, Tarn raised the issue of Sinister's robbery of Vile's genes during a meeting of the Great Ring of Arakko. The Ring forbade Tarn from interfering with the mutants of Krakoa, but after his Vile located Sinister and the Hellions, he broke his promise and led them into an ambush of Sinister and the Hellions to retrieve the stolen DNA. [2]

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