Quote1.png Welcome to the New You Shop Quote2.png
-- Holly-13

Appearing in "Sanctuary!?"

Featured Characters:

  • Logan-5

Supporting Characters:

  • Jessica-6


  • Sandmen
    • Francis-7
  • Box

Other Characters:

  • Holly-13 (killed by the Sandmen) (Death)
  • Doc (Death)


  • 23rd Century
    • The City
      • New You Shop #483



Synopsis for "Sanctuary!?"

Logan and Jessica continue they journey to Sanctuary. First they go to The New You Shop to help get Logan a face-lift, before being chased by Logan's old partner, Francis. Amidst all this, Jessica starts to doubt Logan's real motives as he accidentally sends more Sandmen to wipe out hidden runners. They reach a room with freezing temperatures and a robot named Box.


  • This comic was adopted from David Zelag Goodman's Screenplay.

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