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Real Name
Current Alias
John Grant,[1] Mr. Collinsworth,[2] The Wolverine,[3] John Collinsworth,[4] Jake Douglas,[5] Mr. Wolverine,[6] Rick,[7] Li'l Rick,[8] Wolverine[9]
Base of Operations
Mobile, formerly Tokyo, Japan as well as Las Vegas, Nevada and Canada.
Living Status
Adventurer, vigilante/contract killer. Former real estate mogul, also formerly a monk, samurai and cage fighter.
Unusual Features
Formerly had implanted Adamantium claws sheathed in both arms.
Unrevealed, possibly Mutant
Place of Birth
Creators and Appearances
Quote1.png That isn't me. Not the me I thought I was, anyway. My name isn't John Grant, I'm suddenly sure of it. My name is Logan. Quote2.png


Recovered Memories

Little is known about the early days of Logan's life or exactly how old he was. Logan was known to be hundreds of years old, he was born in Canada and then lived in feudal Japan as well as having fought in many key wars throughout history.[1] While living in feudal Japan sometime around 1860 Logan became a monk and met Victor Creed for the first time, at the monastery where he lived in Kanagawa. Logan discovered Creed was also long lived and fast healing like himself and that Creed believed he was Logan's soulmate due to their similarities and encouraged him to become a samurai. Logan fought together with Victor for the Shogunate Machi-Yako against the Clan Yashida and wore Tekko Kagi claws very similar to what would one day be implanted within him.[10]

Creed attacked the monastery where Logan had been living and killed the peaceful monks despite them not being enemies of the Shogunate, Logan tried to stop him but Creed continued and relished in his slaughter of both the monks and the unarmed and unresisting samurai Shingen. Logan would then learn that the men Creed killed were working for the father of Mariko, the woman he loved and that Creed had killed her father and stolen his sword for the Shogunate. Logan didn't tell Mariko about what happened but promised to return her family's sword to her[3]

Logan kept his word and although his arm was almost removed in getting it, during a fight with Creed[11], he retrieved the Yashida families sword and gave it to Mariko. Mariko told Logan that she had heard rumors that Creed wasn't the only foreigner fighting for the Shogunate which Logan confirmed. Mariko accused Logan of being a monster. Logan attended Mariko's funeral in 1912 and then her burial in Yokohama.[12] At the burial Logan spoke with Mariko's husband who realized who he was and told Logan that she had left him her families sword and that he would know what to do with it. Sometime after her burial Logan interred the sword alongside her coffin and would return to grieve her every year on the anniversary of her death.[4]

In the 1970's, beginning in 1978, Logan was hunted by Vincent Briscoe who was then going by Robert 'Bobby' Fragosi. Fragosi was an F.B.I. agent who hounded Logan, trying to arrest him. Fragosi profiled Logan for years and came to learn that Logan operated by a code, although he was a 'contract killer' he only killed other killers, he also learned that Logan kept stashes of money to help allow him to disappear when people like Fragosi were getting too close to him. Up until this point the F.B.I. had left Logan alone as he was targeting criminals only but with a regime change it was decided he had to be taken down. Logan was in Chicago in 1978 and after months of surveillance Fragosi was planning on arresting him in the act when Logan went after his targets. Fragosi was personally undercover shadowing Logan for two weeks who was aware of it and gave him the slip with ease when he needed to.[13]

Logan killed the mobster and his men that he had come to Chicago to take down, beating them to death as he had yet to gain his claws. Because of his failure Fragosi's life began to spiral until drink and drugs got him kicked from the bureau. Fragosi instead embraced the life of a criminal and became a successful bank robber and number 9 most wanted criminal before ending up in prison in the 1980s, all of which he blamed on his one encounter with Logan. During this time Logan's whereabouts were unknown.[13]

Logan knew a man, Mickey Gold a powerful Las Vegas gangster and up until the early 90s was employed by him as a contract killer. Gold was the one who paid for Logan to have his Adamantium claws implanted while he was working for him. Gold viewed Logan as both a partner and a son of sorts and wanted the two of them to work together to take over even more than just Las Vegas. At some point Logan was targeted by Frank Castle and then left Gold's employ.[14]

For an unknown length of time, possibly since his break up with Mariko and certainly up until the 1990's, Logan became known as a vigilante called 'The Wolverine' and operated in multiple places including Chicago, Las Vegas and Japan. Around this time he disappeared and was believed dead. Others believed, and tried to get Logan to believe, that during this time Logan wasn't a vigilante and had in fact been an assassin and contract killer which would prove to have some truth.[3][15]

Permanent Rage

Logan awoke after a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean with no memory of who he was or what had happened. Logan believed himself to be a man named John Grant as that was what had been listed on his passport. He possessed no personal memory but had knowledge of the world and was able to speak Japanese which proved useful as the plane he was on crashed off the coast of Japan and that was where he was airlifted to as he was missing his legs. Upon arriving at a Tokyo hospital, Logan discovered his severed legs had regrown.[1]

After waking up in the ocean and then while resting in his hospital bed, Logan experienced dreamlike memories of his life which he had trouble sorting through and holding onto once he was awake. In these dreams he saw scenes of violence from his long reaching past and a time when he was trying to live peacefully in Japan and was approached by a man who called himself Victor and who claimed to be like him. Confused by these memories and the mysteries of his healing body, and the claws he unleashed in the ocean to kill a shark with or who the dead woman in the water with him was, Logan left the hospital. Soon after renting a room he saw himself on the news and learned he was a suspect in the plane crash.[1]

After remembering his name was 'Logan' after seeing himself in the news report a heavily armed Japanese SWAT team came to arrest Logan. Sensing he was in danger Logan leapt from the building and escaped into Tokyo with his body releasing his claws, without him having to think it, to allow him to a scale a building. Knowing he was being hunted as a terrorist Logan aimed to get his memory back and made his way to Roppongi, following clues from his wallet. He arrived at a restaurant where he was known not as John Grant but as Mr. Collinsworth. He also learned that he owned multiple buildings under this name, including the restaurant building in which he had an apartment, and that the woman from the plane crash was named Yami.[2]

Logan made his way to his apartment and investigated it for clues to his identity. While doing this he noticed his senses were enhanced and found a safe full of passports in other names. Having heard that Yami was from Kanagawa Logan began making his way there on a train from Tokyo station. While he slept he remembered his early days in Japan centuries beforehand when he had just arrived from Canada and become a monk and then a samurai. The police identified Yami and Logan moved quickly, hoping that finding out more about her and why she was on the plane would help him recover his memories.[2]

Making his way to a bar he quickly got into a fight which led him to learn the location of Yami's family home. Logan learned nothing from the family who claimed they hadn't been close to Yami and wanted to be left alone. After leaving the family home Logan happened across the monastery he had lived in 150 years prior when he met Victor. While questioning the coincidence of this discovery, Yami's brother Katsu stumbled up to Logan bleeding and with one eye knocked from its socket and told him that Victor was coming as he was dying in Logan's arms.[2]

Before he died Katsu revealed that Creed had killed his parents and attempted to tell Logan more about his involvement in events but was unable to impart any complete information before he died. Logan followed his senses and found himself at a Yakuza controlled strip club where he was recognized and approached.[3]

The Yakuza had heard tales that a vigilante called The Wolverine, recognizably Logan due to his claws, had been spotted and demanded he display them. When Logan wasn't quick enough to respond the Yakuza shot him, after which he unsheathed his claws and attacked the Yakuza, slaughtering them with ease and being surprised at his own enjoyment. When the police arrived Logan ran but was cornered in an alley, the two officers demanded he surrender but before Logan could make a move the two of them had their throats slashed by Victor Creed. It didn't take Creed long to realize that Logan had lost his memory or to attack him, during which he told Logan that the authorities were right and he had in fact been the one to blow up the plane.[3]

Creed continued to make accusations, telling Logan that he loved to kill the innocent and that he had been kidding himself thinking he could change and that he begged Creed to be the one to blow up the plane. Creed threw Logan into a brick wall and while unconscious Logan remembered being on the plane, talking with Yami who told him that she loved him despite how distant he was. This had Logan begin to doubt himself as to whether he truly had been responsible for the plane crash as he remembers being anxious and afraid just before it blew. After Logan regained consciousness Creed continued to tell him about how he was responsible, that he had been a secret operative working for the Yakuza directly under Creed and that Creed had recruited him just like in their samurai days.[12]

Logan attempted to fight Creed who handled him with little difficulty and who told him he got his claws to be more deadly and demanded he handed over Shingen's sword from 150 years prior, which Creed believed he had come to the Yashida families home to retrieve as well as being suspicious that he might be working for them. Creed also told Logan that Logan had snapped one day and killed Mariko. Creed told Logan that he had an hour to remember where the sword was and if he didn't find it then more planes would be destroyed in flight. Logan remembered that Mariko had been buried in Yokohama, after living a long life and not dying at his hand, and made his way there to search for the sword. At Mariko's gravesite Logan remembered hearing the detonator on the plane and stopping a man from using it before Yami detonated the bomb with a secondary detonator, proving that Creed had been lying to him.[12]

Logan remembered interring the sword alongside Mariko and dug it up. As soon as he retrieved the sword he was approached by Creed who had been shadowing him. Logan accused him of lying about his ties to the Yakuza and of having killed Mariko but Creed insisted it was still the truth and that Logan had stabbed Mariko in the heart in her old age and enjoyed it. This enraged Logan who began to fight Creed while accusing him of being the root of his problems.[4]

During the fight Logan remembered that Mariko had left the sword to him and that even then she had still loved him. Creed revealed that Yami was working for him and through him the Yakuza and that she blew up the plane believing her family would be paid millions. During their fight Creed used the Yashida sword to take out Logan's eyes but Logan was able to use his enhanced senses to continue fighting and best Creed while he waited for his eyes to regrow.[1]

Logan partially disemboweled Creed who revealed he still wanted Logan to work with him, that he was number two in the Yakuza and that together they could rule the underworld of the whole of Asia. Logan accused him of being obsessed with him and Creed revealed that Logan's memory loss was an ongoing condition and that only Creed knew everything about him. Logan took the Yashida sword with him and left Creed in the cemetery to be discovered by the authorities and arrested. Logan was still wanted for questioning under his Collinsworth identity but was considered instrumental in Creed's capture and also linked to 'The Wolverine'. Logan wrapped the Yashida sword in chains and dumped it into the ocean while traveling from Numazu, Japan to Los Angeles where the plane he was on was heading, hoping to find answers there and to keep the sword out of the hands of anyone seeking it. At this time he also began to write down everything he knew for sure was true about his life in case he began to lose anymore of his memory again.[4]

The Protector

Logan began living in Venice Beach where he was living out of a truck and had adopted a dog that he simply named Dog. While there he met a British woman who claimed her name was Candace 'Candy' Cassidy and that she was a model in town for a few days for photoshoots, which Logan didn't believe. Logan needed money and when Candy offered to pay him to drive her to meetings he accepted. Logan spent the next day driving Candy around to meetings and photoshoots which he quickly assumed were for pornography and listened to her talk about herself while unsure if the details were as fake as the name she had given him. They arrived in Malibu where Candy was meeting a man named Franky, Logan also learned her name was 'Katie' from the security guard.[5]

Logan was suspicious of the place and when he overheard Franky trying to rape Candy he rushed inside to help her, taking down two security guards and getting shot shortly after pulling Franky off of Candy. The guard shot Logan repeatedly who unleashed his claws to kill the man and then escaped with Candy after another guard shot out the windshield of his truck trying to stop them. Logan wondered if he should suspect a set up but drove Candy back to her hotel in Venice Beach anyway and walked her to her hotel room where she asked him to stay the night, Logan declined and upon leaving the hotel he found Dog had been killed, her throat slit and body left for him to find.[5]

Logan was enraged but knew that Franky must have retaliated against him and tried to stay focused so he could deal with things, placing Dog's body in his truck before returning to Candy's hotel room to question her. Candy believed he was going to try and attack her and pepper sprayed him. Logan told her what had happened to Dog and that Franky was responsible but she was dismissive about the idea. Candy told him she had secrets of his own when he wouldn't open up about his claws and Logan told her he was going to bury Dog which she requested to be with him for. Logan was still suspicious that she might be playing him but still didn't want to see her in danger and brought her along.[16]

Logan questioned her again about Franky and Candy revealed that he helped her get into the porn industry eleven years prior as he was an influential producer, and that she'd been obligated to sleep with him ever since. Candy attempted to end her contract and that was when he tried to rape her. As they drove she revealed he was also a big time drug dealer. Logan told her he was planning on going after Franky which she believed would be a bad idea. Logan stopped in the Hollywood Hills to bury Dog and then returned to his truck quickly when he heard Franky and some of his men taking Candy.[16]

Logan then found a GPS device hidden in his now disabled truck which they had been using to track him and Candy. Logan took a cab back to Franky's place in Malibu and tried to sneak inside but was quickly discovered by guards and then confronted by Franky who he demanded let Candy go and who he told he was going to kill. Franky had his people shoot Logan relentlessly until he was on the ground riddled with bullets at which point Franky, with Candy on his hip, delivered the last shot personally by firing a bullet into Logan's brain.[16]

It takes some time for Logan to heal and when he does he discovers he's been shut into the trunk of a car while Franky's people dispose of his body. When the car stopped in the woods Logan easily killed the two men and stole their vehicle and assault guns. Believing him to be their own men returning he was let into the property and begun to slaughter Franky's men with his stolen guns, with only Franky and Candy being his real targets he allows those men who run from the man they had seen killed to get away, only opening fire on those who try to stop him. Logan used his sense of smell to locate his targets, finding Candy first who wasn't frightened by him and instead taunted him and insisted that she really had been kidnapped by Franky and wasn't working with him.[6]

Logan had her lead him to the roof where Franky was attempting to escape by helicopter and which Logan pulled him from before he could escape, ending Franky's life by throwing him from the roof. Logan still believed that Candy had been involved from the beginning and was partly responsible for Dog's death but that she didn't fear her own death. Wanting her to suffer he drove her out to the Hollywood Hills and told her he was going to kill and bury her there but not near Dog as Dog didn't deserve that dishonor. Candy spins a story about a lifetime of abuse and that killing her would be a favor, still unsure whether to believe her but seeing that like him she's a survivor he lets her go, telling her to return to London and get out of the porn industry. Upon returning to his truck Logan found a note addressed to him telling him he found answers in Las Vegas, Logan stole a motorcycle and headed out.[6]

Long Road

Logan began his journey to Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert and was still almost a hundred miles from Vegas when his stolen motorbike blew a tire. Logan attempted to get someone to stop and help but didn't get lucky until the sun had already set when a man named Sean offered his assistance. Jaded from his experiences with Candy, Logan was instantly suspicious but had no choice but to accept. Sean dropped Logan off at a diner with attached motel after trying to extort money from him for the ride. Drunken thugs entered the diner and began to harass the patrons, Logan intervened and being tired and hungry made it more difficult for him to resist giving into his homicidal urges.[7]

Logan spent the night at the motel but couldn't get his bike fixed until late in the following day, leaving him to return to his journey in the night. Logan quickly realized he was being followed which he wasn't in the mood for and ran the car off the road, upon checking who was driving it he realized the car had failed to stop for him when he was broken down and that the driver was the man he helped out in the diner. Logan pulled the injured man, Vincent Briscoe from the vehicle moments before the ruptured gas tank exploded. Logan headed to the nearest town to get Vincent medical help but he woke up and told him not to as well as intimating that he knew about Logan's ability to heal. Logan asked him who he was and when he snapped at him Vincent replied that he hadn't changed and was still a 'psycho piece of shit'.[7]

Logan put Vincent back on his bike and resumed looking for a hospital for him as the man was excessively bleeding. Vincent was unaware of Logan's memory loss and threatened to turn him in if he didn't do as he was told, including not going to a hospital. Vincent directed Logan to a small town and a run down home, in which Logan could smell a body and where Vincent introduced himself as Bobby Fragosi, claiming that he and Logan knew one another in the 1970s. Fragosi told Logan that he was hoping to extort money from him and that he was careful in approaching him because he thought Logan would remember him as a F.B.I. agent who had once spent time trying to arrest him.[13]

Logan convinced Fragosi to tell him what he knew about their shared histories and the man detailed how they met in the late 1970s while Fragosi was assigned to capture Logan. From what Fragosi told him Logan learned that in 1978 he still had yet to gain his claws. Logan also learned that Fragosi was blamed for failing to stop Logan and that this eventually led him to lose his job which he blamed Logan for, as well as the life of crime he entered into and his eventual stay in prison despite claiming to have only encountered Logan once. Logan tried to get more information about his claws from Fragosi he told him he didn't know as he'd only busted out of prison a month beforehand. Logan thought he knew more than he was saying but had to cut things short when he heard the police approaching the building and stole a car to escape. Fragosi wanted the two of them to work together, combining their resources and knowledge. Logan questioned him as to who the body rotting in the house belonged to and learned it was someone that Fragosi escaped prison with, Logan was disgusted with the man and then proceeded to decapitate him with his claws. The next morning Logan was again picked up by Sean who offered to take him the rest of the way to Vegas.[13]

Extreme Logan

Logan finally made his way to Las Vegas where he ended up working as a cage fighter in 'extreme fighting' events set up in a trailer park under the name L'il Rick. Sean, the man who helped Logan find his way to Vegas had set it up and was acting as his manager in the belief that this was Logan's usual career. Logan worked this job because it was easy and quick money for him while he was trying to lay low and throwing some of his fights to avoid attention. Logan met a woman, Suzie Scarbo who claimed to be a psychic and felt that Logan had a 'special aura', Logan felt that there was something special about her as well and gave into his raw attraction, going to her trailer for sex.[8]

Logan felt a bond with her and opened up about his real name but then felt his instincts telling him to leave but Suzie asked him to stay and despite his better judgement he did. Suzie continued to ask questions before revealing that she was in fact a hypnotist, after revealing this Logan became confused and when he found himself dressed with no memory of it happening he quickly left. Logan returned to the trailer he shared with Sean but was drawn into a fight with the man he had beaten in the cage that night where he found he was unable to unsheathe his claws. Believing that Suzie had done something to him he went to confront her and found she was able to calm him against his will and told him to call her Mother Night.[8]

Mother Night had taken complete control of Logan through her hypnotism and implanted an urge to kill a man named Max Fisher in his mind. Mother Night also questioned him about his claws as she hadn't known about them, Logan's inability to unsheathe them just being a side effect of the hypnosis, and ordered him to release them. Upon seeing his claws Mother Night realized Logan was The Wolverine which excited her due to her love of power, she hypnotized Logan to only be able to use his claws at her command and to feel a sons love and trust towards her before releasing him from her trance. Logan went back to his trailer where he was surprised to find healing wounds from his claws and a photo of Max Fisher, who he didn't recognize but whose name he knew as well as an urge to kill him.[17]

The next morning Logan questioned Sean about Max Fisher and learned that he was a professional gambler who lived locally and would sometimes attend the fights to bet on them. Logan went to see Suzie as he felt she was the only one he could trust and who convinced him that he might have put the picture of Max in his picture himself and forgot about it due to his memory problems. They slept together again and Suzie tried to get Logan to believe he was falling in love which he was unsure of as it didn't feel like how he remembered feeling for Mariko. That night Logan entered into another fight where he felt he had lost his edge and drive and wondered if Sean had something to do with it as it had begun after he met him. Suzie approached him in between rounds and placed him in a trance to win the fight and then go kill Max Fisher. When Logan snapped out of it he was in Suzie's trailer covered in blood and with no memory of how he got there or what he had done. Suzie told him he had won the fight and then gone to take care of some 'business', Logan remembered these events as she told him about them and was sickened, convinced he was losing control of himself and living a nightmare. Logan returned to Sean's trailer and saw the death of Max Fisher and his mistress on the news, Sean believed Logan was involved and held him at gunpoint.[17]

Logan disarmed Sean and told him that he remembered killing Fisher and the woman but that he believed the memories were either implanted or that he was controlled. Sean didn't believe him and instead thought Logan was crazy and should turn himself in. Logan was unsure of what was going on, if Sean or one of the fighters was involved or if he had been brainwashed. Sean realized that Logan didn't trust him and after leaving the trailer park before the cops arrived Sean revealed the truth about Suzie who had taken off after the murders and who should have hypnotized Logan to trust him. Logan, still under Suzie's suggestion to trust her, didn't believe Sean and thought he was instead responsible. Sean told him more about Suzie including the fact that her real last name was Fisher and that Max was her cheating husband whose money she wanted and that Sean thought she was just going to hypnotize Logan into winning fights he bet on.[9]

Sean and Logan hold up in a cabin owned by Suzie's uncle that Sean said she would return to, Logan didn't particularly believe him and shot himself in the head knowing he wouldn't die but wanting to suffer for his actions. Destroying half of his brain with the shotgun also undid what Suzie had done to his mind once his brain healed. Logan remembered the hypnosis and was elated to find he was also able to unsheathe his claws at will again. Sean wanted to find a way to make money off of Logan and when asked told him that he believed Suzie was only going to hypnotize him to win.[9]

Learning that Suzie was at her home playing the role of grieving widow, Logan used Sean's phone to text her and lure her out, believing that Sean had been involved in things from the beginning. Suzie came to meet with who she believed would be Sean but met Logan instead, who pretended to be hypnotized and listened as she told him to turn himself in before he revealed himself and crushed the stone she used for her hypnotism when she tried to put him under again. Suzie continued trying to control Logan and believed he wouldn't kill her as she wasn't naturally evil, he replied that she was right about what he was like but not about what he wanted to do and slit her throat with his claws. Logan then found Sean and ran him down with a car before killing him with his claws also. Knowing the authorities would be after him and unsure what to do or where to go Logan was approached by a car and was prepared to surrender himself, instead a mysterious young man who knew his name told him to get in and drove him away.[9]

The man had his limo driven into the heart of Vegas and told Logan he could tell him about his past. Logan was sick of being messed around by people and considered killing him but maintained control over himself so he could learn what the man knew. The man wouldn't tell Logan anything during the drive and cautioned him to be patient or he'd leave him on the strip for the cops. They made there way to a hotel where the young man, Mickey Gold Jr. informed Logan they were going to meet with the owner of the hotel, Mickey Jr's father Mickey Gold. This was a name Logan recognized but didn't remember, upon realizing that Logan didn't remember anything relating to them Mickey Jr. cruelly mocked him by making up a story about Logan having a family.[18]

Logan met with Mickey Gold who hadn't seen him since his son was two years old and who Logan instantly saw a cold, empty darkness within that reminded him of himself. Mickey had heard about Logan being in Los Angeles and was the one who had the note left for him to draw him into Las Vegas without having to risk himself by approaching Logan, who he feared might be a 'mole' working against him after having resurfaced for the first time in twenty or thirty years that Mickey was aware of.[18]

Gold insisted that Logan stay with him and when Logan questioned their mutual past he learned that he used to work for Gold as a contract killer. Logan was unsure whether to believe him and wanted not to, when he tried to leave Gold threatened him with blackmail to stay, using the manhunt underway to locate Logan for his recent murders to convince him as he claimed to own the district attorney and police. Gold told Logan he had to prove he was going to stay by killing for him and had his son take Logan to his first assignment. Logan wanted to remain in control of his own life after his experiences with Mother Night and tried to talk Mickey Jr. into leaving town and letting him go instead but Mickey wouldn't hear it. When they arrived at the targets home Mickey Jr. insisted on following Logan to insure he got the job done. Logan tried to warn the man and a shoot out ensued which drove Logan berserk, resulting in him killing not only the target but the targets wife and Mickey Jr. as well.[18]

Logan was unsure of how to act after the killing was done, part of him wanted to be arrested and punished even if that meant someone figuring out how to kill him, another part believed true punishment for someone like him would be to never discover who he truly was and to have to live with himself forever. Logan was aware that it wouldn't be just the cops looking for him and searched the house of the couple he had killed for some money as well as cleaning himself up and changing clothes. Logan took Mickey Jr's phone which he used to tell Gold that 'Mr. Wolverine' had completed the job, he also stole Mickey Jr's car and began formulating a plan.[14]

Logan returned the car to the hotel and told the staff that Mickey Jr. had told him to bring it back. Logan believed he might have found some luck and followed his instincts across multiple forms of gambling in the hotel's casino and found he had the skill for it. Logan made enough money to make his way to Canada with, hoping to find answers to his past there as he knew that was where he was originally from but the casino staff and security got him before he could leave with one of them sticking Logan with a hypodermic in the neck. When Logan came to he was locked in a cage in the middle of a large soundproofed room, after trying to cut his way free he was approached by Gold who told him the bars were made of Adamantium same as his claws and that he knew Logan had killed his son.[14]

Gold wanted Logan to suffer and told him he would leave him to starve for decades in the cage but that he had a different punishment in mind. Gold revealed that he was the one who paid for Logan to have his claws implanted and that Logan worked for him until betraying him when Frank Castle came after him. Gold then unsheathed his own implanted claws, wanting to finish Logan off personally as he believed he should of years ago. Gold wasn't able to heal as Logan could but attacked him with his implanted claws anyway as well as taunting Logan for being alone and unable to trust or love anyone. When Gold got close to Logan, planning to cut off his head, Logan instead sliced open Gold's throat. Logan killed Gold's guards and escaped the building before making his way to train tracks which he laid his arms on, allowing the train to amputate them. Logan knew his arms would grow back without the claws, making him somewhat more human and planned to go to Canada and see if he could learn more about his past there.[14]

Powers and Abilities


Similar to James Howlett of Earth-616, Earth-200111's Logan had a healing factor and was able to quickly regrow entire limbs (two severed legs in the time it took a helicopter to fly him to a hospital[1]) and organs (both eyes within minutes[4]).

Logan also had enhanced senses and a greatly increased lifespan, having appeared to be the same age, around 40,[18] for over a century.

However, this version of Logan had implanted Adamantium claws, as opposed to his usual bone claws (or skeleton coated in Adamantium).


Seemingly those of the James Howlett of Earth-616



Formerly used Tekko Kagi claw weaponry before having adamantium claws implanted within himself.[2] Has also used and had shown skill with firearms.[6]

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