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Quote1.png My law and the law of the First Firmament are one. That is how it should be, my brothers. Quote2.png

Logos was the fusion of Master Order, Lord Chaos, and the In-Betweener. Having killed the Living Tribunal as Master Order and Lord Chaos, Logos attempted to replace him as the new embodiment of multiversal law.[1] In reality, Logos was a pawn of the First Firmament.[2]


Following the reincarnation of the Multiverse in its eighth form, two cosmic entities -- Master Order and Lord Chaos -- became disgruntled by Galactus' evolution from a force of destruction to a force of creation.[3] Little did they know, their decision was influenced by an outside source: the First Firmament, the embodiment of the very first universe there was.[4]

Master Order and Lord Chaos eventually put Galactus on trial before the Living Tribunal. The Tribunal ruled in Galactus' favor and allowed him to remain in his new form, claiming that the universe being in a new iteration meant the cosmic hierarchy wasn't established anew. Master Order and Lord Chaos took this council to heart, and murdered the Tribunal in order to take his place as the personification of multiversal law.[5]

They attempted to turn Galactus back to his world-devourer form. However, for the same reason Order and Chaos could kill the Living Tribunal, they couldn't stop Galactus from fighting back his transformation. If there wasn't a hierarchy yet, it meant Galactus was also on the same level as Order and Chaos, so they couldn't impose their will on him. Because of this, Order and Chaos sought their servant, the In-Betweener, and forced him to become the uniting force in a fusion that combined Master Order and Lord Chaos into a single being: the self-proclaimed new order, Logos.[6]

Before returning to Galactus, Logos cemented its own cosmic hierarchy, murdering the last of the Celestials, fearing they would return to their status as judges of worlds as soon as they could rebuild and repopulate. Logos was also confronted by the Queen of Nevers, but ignored her warnings. Having returned to the Superflow, where the weakened Galactus had remained trapped ever since his confrontation against Order and Chaos, Logos imposed its will and returned his hunger, making Galactus more ravenous than ever before and thereby changing him from the Lifebringer back to the Devourer.[7] The change forced unto Galactus by Logos would later be reverted by the Anti-Man.[4]

While Logos was convening with the First Firmament's Aspirants in the Superflow, they were attacked by Galactus and his Eternity Watch. This fight would be soon interrupted by the disruption of the Superflow at the hands of the Maker.[2] When this damage was reverted by Galactus' Ultimates, the battle resumed, with the ascended astral form of the Black Panther combined with the power of the Tiger God joining the brawl. Black Panther then proceeded to destroy Logos using the power of his symbolic role as a king to impose his will on law, splitting it apart into the individual beings that composed it.[8]


  • The Maker and the High Evolutionary were not sure whether Logos was commanding the Aspirants or taking orders from them. The Maker wondered if Logos itself knew the answer to that question.[2]

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