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Presumably, the life of Loki mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart before the outbreak of the zombie plague. One day, after Odin had forbidden the Asgardians from having any contact with humanity, Loki decided to unleash the zombie plague upon the Earth as a means of tormenting his adoptive brother Thor. Loki reasoned that Thor would either be forced to watch from Asgard as humanity ate itself, or that he would defy his father's will and travel to Earth, inciting Odin's godly wrath against him. What Loki hadn't counted on, however, was that Odin himself wished to get to the bottom of the zombie plague and travelled to Earth himself to investigate. As he was already overdue to take the Odinsleep, he was in a weakened state and allowed a zombie to get too close. Once Odin was bitten, all of the Asgardians became zombies due to their bond with their king. All but Loki, who was adopted by Odin and was actually a member of the Frost Giants. All of Asgard, however, considered him to be the last living Norse god and hunted him all over the planet, wishing to either turn him or devour him. For this reason, Loki hid himself in a magically shielded trunk aboard Zephyr Zog's private train. Though the Asgardians couldn't tell exactly where Loki was, they did track him to the train, destroying it and killing Zog in the process.

Loki managed to escape with the surviving members of the Ducky Dozen and the Suffragists and managed to get inside the Nazis secret base located in the Bavarian Alps. Loki, however, showed little concern for the heroes, using many of them as a mere distraction to be consumed by the zombie hordes as he took Dum Dum Dugan and Miss America to a secret Nazi weapon storage facility. It informed them that there was an atomic bomb here named Fat Boy that the heroes could use to wipe out the zombie threat once and for all. He was then attacked by a zombified Thor and Dum Dum Dugan, eventually being consumed by the zombies. Miss America, however, succeeded in located the bomb and launched it at the Nazi headquarters, seemingly destroying the threat.[1]

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Seemingly those of Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.

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