Loki was defeated by the Avengers and imprisoned in deep within The Raft. While plotting his revenge, he remembered the ancient being known as Galactus. He planned to use the legendary Power Cosmic to enhance his own mind control power to take over Galactus' mind and have him devour Earth and Asgard. To that end, Loki made a deal with Doctor Doom, if Doom could capture the Silver Surfer's board, the two would harness its power and Doom could destroy Galactus so Earth would worship him. As Doom's forces pursued the Surfer, Iron Man blasted the helicopter which shattered the board, and split its pieces across the globe. When the villains (and Stan Lee) escaped the vault, Loki's cell opened and he escaped while the heroes above ground fought the other escapees. He accompanied the Mandarin and Killian to Stark Tower to steal Arc Reactors but abandoned, his cohorts when Iron Man and Captain America showed up, by teleporting out. He went to HYDRA to use their considerable resources to open a portal to Asgard so he could retrieve the Tesseract to use as power source on the "Doom Ray of Doom". Despite an alliance with the Frost Giants and controlling the Destroyer, he was beaten by Thor, Cap, Wolverine and Human Torch. Reporting to Doom, that Wolverine took the Cube, Magneto was sent to retrieve it from the X-Mansion. When Asteroid M was fuelled and ready, Loki joined Magneto and Doom aboard. He and Doom abandoned Magneto when the heroes showed up. When Doom was defeated, Loki revealed his grand plan and used his new weapon on the arrived Galactus. His threat was so great that Earth's heroes and villains had to team up to stop him. While he made good use of Galactus' power, Galactus' own hunger proved his undoing as the hero-villain alliance fooled the Devourer of Worlds with a model of Earth, that concealed Hulk and Thor. The two powerhouses were able to defeat Galactus and send him through a wormhole, dragging Loki with him. Thor managed to use his hammer to smash the Doom Ray of Doom and retrieve the cosmic bricks and the Tesseract. Loki was trapped in space with Galactus, who wondered how Loki would taste.

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Seemingly those of the Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.



Staff, Doom Ray of Doom.


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