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On Arcadia, Loki lived with America Chavez and Nico Minoru as their foster mother.

After America was arrested for throwing a megalodon, which originated from a portal, over The Shield, Loki tearfully said goodbye to her as she was detained by the Thors.[1] That night, she visited Nico and consoled her and talked to her about Singularity, whom she had found earlier that evening. She encouraged Nico to show Singularity to Baroness She-Hulk and the other members of A-Force.

Loki was present later when a second portal opened and a Sentinel came through from the Sentinel Territories, although she left before the fight began.[2]

Carol, Jennifer, and Nico realized that Loki had betrayed them and had opened the portals. Loki planned to gain power by getting She-Hulk arrested by the Thors, and becoming the next Baroness of Arcadia. She remarked to Sif, Gamora, and Brunnhilde that she was sad about Medusa's death.[3]

They were then attacked by the assembled members of A-Force. Loki told She-Hulk that the she was the reason she opened the portals, because Loki thought it was She-Hulk's fault that Ms. America got arrested. Sister Grimm retorted that Loki was the reason that Ms. America got arrested, since the megalodon came from the portal that she created. Sister Grimm said that no matter how much Loki loved America and her, she always loved power more. Loki then cast a spell, breaking down part of the Shield and allowing Zombies from the Deadlands to enter Arcadia.[3]

After the battle against the undead, the Thors arrested Loki and brought her to the Shield.[4]



Seemingly those of the Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.

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