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During past hundred years over King Thor's ascension and dominion of Midgard, Loki would come to power as chief adviser and prime minister of the magistrate presiding over New Asgard. Eventually acquiring the mystical vassals once belonging to Doctor Strange along the way, in reality however the ever consistent trickster had been secretly providing as well as profiting off of internal strife that resulted from his now morally rudderless leader's actions in order to consolidate power for himself as much as his king.

Chief among his misdeeds during the dominion over earth and beyond secretly enforcing cruel and draconian world laws imposed by then mortal disavowing Asgardian task force's in his care would be the slaying of Balder after the latter allied with a resisting pocket of superhumans, killing many of the avengers in the name of Asgard's reign over the world, murdering Scarlet Witch and Thor's former lover Jane Foster when the latter ordered them to be processed within the reconditioning centers which precluded to creating behavioral modification facilities boasting a minor percentage survival rate of its inmates.

Even after he had consolidated both his rule and the rule of his fellow Asgardians on Earth he would continue the clandestine aiding and abetting towards various uprisings across the globe via indirect provision of illegal weaponry to various rebel & terrorist cells through his web of intrigue, in order to maintain power over the mortal world underneath The Odinson's watchful eye. Yet his most prominent crime against humanity by far even without his brothers knowing would be trapping and binding the Designate within the Destroyer as a deterrent against her evolution and mankind's ascension to his peoples level of power.

After having apprehended a mortal thief who he viewed as a threat to world security for collecting relics of the past, an act made forbidden by Asgardian law, only for the prince of the realm to aid her in escaping. He shifted shape in order to infiltrate and apprehend her entire family in the guise of Magni, much to the ire of the real prince of New Asgard upon finding out about his treachery. After the siege on New Asgard by the mortal resistance had all been decimated, Loki held secret trials which deemed their crimes all punishable by death. His way of keeping it fair he said, when god killer Desak invaded New Asgard, incensed that the once just all father had enslaved the world of man as he had been foretold Thor would. The Craven steward unleashed his monstrosity upon him in the hopes of cementing both his and his peoples reign on earth forevermore, but it backfired when the now revealed creator of the realms nemesis powering said lifeless armor reasserted her will over it to empower her champion stunning both him and King Thor with such a revelation.

Now revealed for the duplicitous sort he'd always been, as the executioner of the divine continued his bloody swath across their ruined domain. Loki pressed the attack in the protection of home and power, urging his exasperated and mentally shell-shocked liege to annihilate the opposition so that they may rule above all unabated. Earning the adversaries anger for as The Spirit of The Jewel is struck down Loki in turn was eviscerated as retribution, coldly rebuffed by a despondent Odinson as he begs the latter for his self-serving life.



Presumably the same as those of Loki (Earth-616), only enhanced further by his possession of the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation



Loki possesses the Eye of Agamotto as well as the Cloak of Levitation.


Loki aquired The Destroyer armor placing the essence of Tarene within the Sarcophagus that powers it for use in the last line of defense of his regime.

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