Quote1 I have watched you worms all this time, all of you scared and alone. On Midgard you may claim at being heroes. But here? You are less than nothing. Without Thor, who will save you now? Quote2
-- Loki src

Born originally to the Frost Giant king Laufey, Loki is now the adoptive son of Odin and step-brother of Thor and Balder. During his childhood, Loki had always competed with Thor over Odin's affections, to which he often lost to Thor. Aside from their sibling rivalry, Thor and Loki were most often the best of friends. Loki had always shown a great interest in the mystic arts and sought to become a sorcerer. It has often been because of Loki that the enemy races such as the frost giants have attacked or broken into Asgard. Odin has often kept a watchful eye on Loki for his mischief.[1]


Seemingly those of Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616)#Powers.



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