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Loki is the second prince of Asgard. He has not been allowed to develop his natural magic abilities because of societal expectations of the royal family, and has instead been training in combat like his brother Thor. When Amora arrives in court, training under Karnilla to be the next royal sorceress, Loki requests that she train him to use his powers, and she begins doing so in secret.

On the evening of a great feast, Odin looks into the Godseye Mirror and sees what he believes to be Ragnarok: Loki marching on Asgard with an army of the dead. Loki and Amora sneak into Odin's Vault to view the future in the Godseye Mirror, but Loki accidentally shatters the mirror with his intense untrained magic. Amora takes the blame for using too much power, and Odin banishes her to Midgard and gives a warning to Loki.

Years later, Loki steals a set of the Norn Stones from Karnilla, hoping to gain his father's favor by "finding" them for him. While he and Thor are on a diplomatic visit to Alfheim to get the help of the Ice Elves in finding the stones, the meeting turns sour when Prince-General Asmund says he wants a set of the Norn Stones on Alfheim after they are found. Loki breaks into the Prism chamber to show that Alfheim isn't secure enough to hold the stones, but he and Thor are caught and sent back to Asgard. Odin punishes Loki by assigning him a task on Midgard, which Odin now cannot attend since he is fixing the issue with the Ice Elves and still looking for the Stones.

Loki travels to Midgard and meets with the SHARP Society to investigate a series of magic-related murders. His contact, Theo Bell, upon learning that it is the infamous Loki he has encountered, uses a powder to knock him out. Loki wakes sooner than expected and holds a knife to Theo's throat. After some negotiation, and a failed attempt to return to Asgard, he resigns to helping the SHARP Society.

A lead with one of the victims has Loki finding Amora working as "The Enchantress" at the Inferno Club in London. Midgard drains their magic, but she has been able to sustain herself by drawing power from the crowd of her shows. Loki realizes that she is the murderer, and she's been draining life energy from humans to sustain herself and her powers. Loki resolves to throw off the SHARP Society and save Amora from Midgard.

When it's apparent that Loki is growing close to Theo and the SHARP Society, Amora encourages Loki to look into what the humans have written about him. Loki picks up one of Theo's books about Norse mythology and finds that the humans have written that he is various terrible things. He walks out on Theo and returns to Amora. Realizing he will never be considered for the crown in his own right, he agrees with Amora to use the Norn Stones and raise the dead to try to take the throne of Asgard for himself.

The dead will be transported out of London by train, but at the station, Theo calls over the police and prevents Loki from boarding normally. Loki gets away and sneaks onto the train in one of the caskets. He confronts Amora, letting her know that he's figured out that she will turn on him, and they fight. Amora raises the dead with her own power. Loki and Theo meet up, and Theo agrees to help Loki if Loki will take him back to Asgard with him, and Loki promises he will. Loki defeats Amora, and she falls from the train. After Loki and Theo detach the train cars, separating the living from the undead, Loki throws Theo onto the train with living and leaves him behind on Midgard. Using the Norn Stones, he transports the train cars with the undead to Asgard, where Thor and the Einherjar are waiting because Loki alerted Thor earlier, and together they defeat the undead.

Not bothering to continue with the ruse anymore, Loki returns the Norn Stones to Odin. Odin tells him that he will name Thor his heir.



Frost Giant Physiology: Although Loki doesn't know it, he has the physiology of a Frost Giant, which lends him extra resilience against a debilitating substance used by the SHARP Society.

Sorcery: Loki is naturally adept at magic use and is learning sorcery.

Shape-shifting: Loki mentions that he shape-shifts between genders, and he lives as both and man and a woman.

Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Asgardians can communicate and be understood by all races. The Allspeak will also translate text for Loki to read.


Genius Intelligence: Loki has a genius level intellect and possesses a great deal of knowledge.

Skilled Combatant: Loki is a formidable combatant with intense training on Asgard.



Norn Stones (formerly)


  • It is not explicitly stated in the story that Loki is adopted or a frost giant, and Loki himself does not yet know, but there are hints in the story about Loki's true parentage.

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