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Quote1.png I am Loki, the God of Mischief! But you can call me... the god of mischief who is amazing! Quote2.png


Loki was a prince of Asgard as well as the infamous god of mischief. He had a habit of tricking his brother, Thor, into doing challenges that were rigged by Loki.

He tricked Thor into breaking into their father's vault and stealing the Lur of Luramena. After returning to Loki, Loki sounded the horn, summoning Mildred.[3] As Loki and Thor's attempts to directly oppose her failed, Thor decided to blow the Lur of Luramena again. He summoned Mildred's mother, who yelled at her daughter and carried her home. Odin found his sons and ordered them to clean up the wreckage. As they cleaned, Loki revealed he had stolen a magic orb, which seemingly had the power to put the rubble back together. As he attempted to unleash the full power of the orb, he accidentally opened a portal, which the brothers fell into.[2]

They landed in Jotunheim, but Loki had lost the orb. A group of Mountain Giants surrounded them and as they tried to escape, Thor (Jane Foster) came to their rescue. Seeing her Mjolnir made the brothers realized that they were in an alternate reality. After a brief scuffle between the Thors, Loki an his brother revealed they couldn't return to their reality without their missing orb.[1] They looked for the orb in the nest of Fjalara, a giant bird that liked shiny items. When the bird returned, Laufeyson tried to distract her, and Jane realized the bird was actually her Loki. Exposed, the goddess of mischief revealed she had the orb. The two Lokis fought for the orb while the Thors bonded through apples. Eventually, Laufeyson gave up fighting, deciding to try and trick his counterpart. Laufeyson got Loki to turn the orb clockwise, and the Midgard Serpent emerged. Thor and Loki hitched a ride while turning the orb counterclockwise. After going through the void multiple times, the brothers return home. Loki apologized for being annoying and stubborn, but started trying to convince Thor of another scheme anyway.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Loki Laufeyson of Earth-616.

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