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Quote1 I'm Loki, yes. I can only be Loki. But as much as they're able, I want people to trust me. Quote2


Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616) from Siege Vol 1 4 001

Loki killed by the Void


Loki manipulated Norman Osborn into leading his Dark Avengers and H.A.M.M.E.R. into attacking Asgard, intent on having it returned to its proper place in the Nine Realms. However, he underestimated the destructive power of the Sentry, who had given into the whispers of his Void persona. When Steve Rogers led the true Avengers in defense of Asgard, Osborn had the Void unleash his full power and Asgard was destroyed. Seeing that his plans had gone farther than he had intended, he used the Norn Stones to help the Avengers fight against the Void and was killed by it in front of a shocked Thor. "I'm sorry, brother" were his last words.[12]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 617 001

Loki reborn as a child with no memories

His death was far from permanent. Before the Siege of Asgard Loki had manipulated Hela into taking his name out of the Book of Hel, allowing himself to be reborn instead of truly dying. Thor, missing his little brother despite all his villany, found him reborn as a much younger Loki in Paris under the name of "Serrure" (Lock in French), without any memories of his acts as an adult. After a short chase, Thor caught the boy and told him who he really was. Although initially thinking that the Thunder God was just a crazy man, Loki started to believe him, although he had no memories of his past or even his real name. The boy also told Thor about his dreams in which he had done horrible things and tearfully asked him why. When Thor offered his help, Loki was hesitant, fearing that his nightmares were his memories and that he was everything he feared but ultimately accepted.[3]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 617 001

Thor meets the reborn Loki

Thor restored part of his identity (though he remained in the form of a child and lost almost all his memories and powers) and brought him back to Asgard. However, he was still despised by the other Asgardians, suffering continuous bullying. Upon seeing the de-aged Loki after his own revival, Odin yelled at the boy, insulting him and blaming him for Asgard's fall. Terrified, Loki ran away, much to Thor's chagrin. Thor yelled at his father for his cruelty towards the amnesiac child. Loki was then found by Iron Man who tried to attack him, but he was saved by Thor. Thor told Stark that he had indeed brought the trickster back and that was all there was to say about his little brother.[13]

During his stay in Asgard, Odin treated Loki with distrust and anger, calling him a "whelp" that Thor "insists on treating like blood". Later, during a conversation with Heimdall, Odin refused to kill Loki as a precautionary measure or send him back to Midgard, not only because Thor would bring him right back but also because he still thinks of Loki as a son. He said that he would not abandon any son of his, especially one who had returned to him from the abyss of nonbeing.[8]

Despite being hated and distrusted, Loki still tried to help Asgard and his brother. During the Galactus invasion, Loki hid the Worldheart not only to save Asgard and Midgard but also Thor. However, Thor became mad with Loki's trickery and, in his anger, grabbed the boy by the neck, insulting him and threatening to kill him. In horror, Loki burst into tears and told Thor that he only did it to save him. As Thor let go of him, Loki tearfully screamed that he was just like the rest, no matter what he did. Afterwards, at Sif's urging, Thor apologized to his brother, recognizing that his anger had got the best of him and reassured Loki that he loved him, although he still did not trust him.[14]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 622 0001

Loki turns the echo of his elder self into Ikol

After deciphering a riddle, Loki was sent to a hidden chamber where he found a pale echo of his elder self. The spirit revealed that his death and rebirth were part of an elaborate plan set down by Loki himself before his death. In order to return, he first had to die. The spirit delivered young Loki a message: in his previous incarnation, Loki ensured that the threat of evil would endure eternally, even in his absence, and that this echo had come to help the boy through those hard times "because a trickster is naught without a playground." However, Loki wanted no part of this, dismissing his elder self and reducing it into the form of a magpie. He condemned the bird to a lifetime as Ikol (Loki backwards), his minion and opposite.[7]

Fear Itself[]

When Skadi freed the Serpent from imprisonment, Odin, whom Thor had brought back to life to deal with the World Eaters, led the Asgardians from Midgard into a new Asgard, which he made into a world of war intending to raze Midgard to stop the Serpent. Loki, along with Ikol, attempted to free Thor, whom Odin had imprisoned. Loki later rode a Hel Wolf into the realm of Mephisto, where he conspired to bring him and Hela together to oppose the Serpent.[15]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Destroyer (Enchanted Armor) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 626 001

Loki releases the Destroyer

With the help of Tyr, Loki approached the Serpent's Tongue, a messenger from the Serpent, to get some information about his plans. After Tyr killed the messenger, Loki convinced Mephisto and Hela to fight together in order to defend their realms and received four Dísir to assist him. In order to talk to Surtur, the Dísir killed the Hel Wolf and Loki rode him into Limbo. Realizing that he was dead, the Hel Wolf decided to kill Loki but he was eaten by Surtur instead. The young trickster cut a deal with the Fire Giant in order to get a sliver of his Twilight Sword. After that, Loki and Ikol returned to Asgard and released the Destroyer and went back to New York, where Tyr and the Dísir witnessed the rise of the Serpent's citadel. Riding the Destroyer, Loki told them that they were going to destroy it. Once inside Dark Asgard, Loki used a pen out of the Twilight Sword to rewrite the Serpent's history, giving him a good moment in his past, and a moment of weakness when the Serpent later battled Thor, giving his brother a chance to kill him but also resulting in Thor's death.[16]

The Terrorism Myth[]

Sometime after Thor's death, Loki invited Leah to drink a milkshake with him. At the diner, Loki was bullied by a human, but Leah protected him by throwing the bully through a window. Shortly after that, Loki had a nightmare where he killed Thor, reflecting his guilt over his brother's death, and was taken by the Dísir. Fortunately, he was awoken by Ikol who explained that he was under attack in his dreams. The two went to the Serpent's Ruins looking for answers. Loki was attacked by Daimon Hellstrom who believed that he was still a villain. Despite Loki's claims that he could no longer perform magic, Daimon called him a liar and continued to attack him until Leah arrived and protected Loki with her sorcery. While the two youths bickered, Daimon stopped, realizing that they were truly children, and explained to them that people were dying in their sleep all around the world and the dark power led him to Loki.[17]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 634 001

The Serpent's fear inside Loki's mind

Since Loki was also attacked during his dream, Daimon decided to enter the young godling's mind. During Loki's dream, the two were immediately separated and Loki faced an illusion of a zombie Thor, blaming him for his death and claiming that bringing Loki back was a mistake because he would always be evil. Loki tried to deny this but when the zombie tried to kill him, he merely told him "make it quick, brother." Loki was saved by an illusion of the dead Hel-Wolf who took him to the Dísir who, in turn, taunted him about how they had trusted him and he had betrayed them to Mephisto. Loki was about to succumb to his guilt when Leah saved him and they found a huge core of the Serpent's fear. Suspecting something was amiss, Loki tricked Leah into calling him her "best friend," which made Loki confirm that she was an impostor. He ripped her head off, claiming that the real Leah would never be so nice to him. Using the impostor's head, Loki discovered that it was Nightmare, the one who was harvesting the Serpent's fear from people's minds in order to build a crown of Fear which would make him invincible as a Fear Lord. Since Loki had the most powerful fear, Nightmare decided to take his.[18]

When Loki woke up, he Daimon and Leah his findings and they all went to free the "dreamers" from the Serpent's fear before Nightmare could kill them. However, as they saved more and more people, Loki started to grow extremely tired and weak because of his own fear and Ikol reminded him that what they were doing was "Thor's way" and that Loki, even though he was his own person, was still a trickster and should act like one. Loki asked Leah to take the Serpent's fear from his mind and he gave it to Nightmare, because his fear was powerful enough for the crown and Nightmare wouldn't need to kill anymore dreamers. Though Leah and Daimon were furious with Loki, believing he only did it to save himself from dying, they waited to see if his plan worked. As it turned out, Loki and Leah warned the other Fear Lords about Nightmare's plans and they went to fight him. Loki tricked them into fighting over the crown for all eternity. After the battle, Daimon left but not before telling Loki that if his plan failed there was a place in hell waiting for him.[19]

Following the All-Mother's orders, Loki and Leah went to the diner to apologize to the bully. Leah threw herself through the window to make up for what she did, much to Loki's dismay, who had thought she was only going to buy the bully a milkshake and now he needed to pay for another window.[20]

The Mighty Tanarus[]

After Thor's corpse was burned, a new god of Thunder named Tanarus appeared, and everyone had their memories of Thor replaced, forgetting that Thor ever existed. Loki, on the other hand, believed Tanarus was an impostor and angrily claimed that he was not his older brother. Unfortunately, no one believed him and he felt frustrated that he couldn't remember his real brother's name.[21]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 2 10 001

Loki and the Silver Surfer find Mjolnir

Looking for answers, Loki found Kelda in the desert, who was calling Bill's name, and he demanded to know what kind of sorcery she performed to make everyone forget his real brother. Kelda attacked Loki and left with the Weird Sisters. Her attack, however, made Loki remember his brother's name, Thor. The boy went to Blake and asked him if he remembered Thor, but when the doctor could only think of Tanarus, Loki called him useless and stole his cane. He then met with the Silver Surfer in the desert. Radd took the cane, claiming that it was of "two spaces," and it transformed into Mjolnir. The Surfer tried to move the hammer but was unsuccessful. Then Loki and the Surfer attempted to lift up the hammer together. Loki slipped and fell to the ground but the Surfer refused to give up. At the same time, Loki yelled for Thor not to give up either and the hammer started glowing and blasted off into the sky. Loki saved the Silver Surfer from getting struck by Mjolnir as it left the ground, and the latter followed it into a rift in space, where it disappeared.[22]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 2 11 001

Loki and the Silver Surfer find the Weird Sisters

Later, Loki told the Surfer details about Thor but still could not remember him. However, when Loki mentioned that once Thor hit the Surfer's head with his own so hard that it dented the Surfer's skull, this triggered something and the Silver Surfer immediately jumped on his board with Loki. They went to look for the Weird Sisters and Kelda. When they found them, the old Crone had killed Kelda and was fighting her other sister. As Radd threatened to use his powers, Loki asked where she had hidden Thor and to whom she was speaking. In response, the Crone told them it was too late for him, for Thor and for Asgard as Karnilla left the Crone's body through her mouth, horrifying the boy as Radd protectively told Loki to stay behind him.[23]

During Asgardia's invasion, Loki was seen fighting alongside Radd and the other warriors until Thor's reappearance, which broke Karnilla's spell and caused everyone to remember him once again. After the battle, Loki told the story to a group of children. When a young girl tearfully claimed she felt sorry for Kelda, Loki reassured her by revealing that Kelda met her beloved Bill in Valhalla.[24]


After the Dísir escaped, Mephisto appeared before Loki and blackmailed him into getting them back or else he would tell everyone that it was Loki who summoned them in the first place to get his deal with Hela. Loki informed Leah, who delivered the terrible news to Hela, Tyr, Thor, and the Warriors Three that the Dísir were on the loose. Loki tried to get Thori to track them through their scent, but the vicious pup bit Loki's arm instead. Thor asked him why he named the dog after him, and Loki answered with a pout that he named him after "another Thor", the one who didn't leave and die, leaving Loki alone with the "barbarians." As Thori wouldn't obey him, Ikol informed Loki that he knew where the Dísir were and they left to visit 1128 Mission Street, San Francisco, where the New Mutants lived. They were battling the Dísir along with Hela, Tyr and Leah. Suddenly, Sigurd the Ever-Glorious reappeared and, after he read a scroll, all the Asgardians and the Dísir mysteriously disappeared.[5]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), Leah (Earth-616), and Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 637 0001

Luke with his foster sister Leah and Ikol, his toy

A young foster kid named Luke (who bore a striking resemblance to Loki) was reading when his foster mother, Helen (Hela), a one-handed woman, entered his room to tell him to go to sleep. The next day, Luke was playing a board game with his toys when his foster sister Leigh (Leah) appeared and taunted him for being childish and for never growing up. The boy told his toy magpie, Ikol, that he hated her. After Helen and Leigh left the house, Luke ran from home, pretending to be on a "quest." He walked by Helen, who was picking up recyclables from a barber (Hogun), and went inside a bakery. The baker (Volstagg) informed him that the glazed doughnuts were sold out. When a woman entered the shop, Luke left again to face his "enemy", a vicious stray dog (Thori), only to run away by jumping a fence. Tiffany (Sif), a self-defence teacher, saw him and told Luke that if he went to her classes he wouldn't feel so nervous around the dog. He answered that, although he would no longer be nervous around the dog, he would become nervous around Tif, a situation which he considered to be "just as bad." A one-handed war veteran (Tyr) told Tif to give up because the boy was just trouble.[6]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616), and New Mutants (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 637 0001

Luke "recovers" his real memories

As Luke went off again, he walked by the New Mutants who told him to stop. Though the boy excitedly rambled about how cool mutants were and if they would let him join them because everybody hated him, Dani interrupted him. She told him that he was Loki, but he did not believe her. When Cypher used his powers, told Luke that he was "the Trickster of Asgard" and asked him if any spell could hold him, Luke suddenly fainted. When the boy woke up, it appeared that his real memories had returned and Loki told the New Mutants to go to Sigurd's house to look for clues.[4]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 637 0001

Luke dressed as an X-Man

When they got there, the house was empty and partly destroyed. As the Mutants asked themselves where Loki went, he arrived wearing an oversized X-Men uniform, much to their dismay, claiming that if he was going to team-up with the Mutants he should "look the part." Sigurd arrived from having partied all night and told them that he used the spell because he thought Asgard had found him when he saw that Dani was a Valkyrie. The Dísir had a grudge against him, so he used a spell to get rid of them but it also turned any other Asgardians nearby into normal mortals. Dani asked Sigurd how he could be so selfish then demanded that he reverse the spell. Sigurd said that he could not undo the spell because he was not a magician and that he bought the scroll from the adult Loki. After receiving an angry glare from the Mutants, Loki looked at the toy Ikol and told them that he needed to consult with his sources to work out a counter-spell.[4]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616), and New Mutants (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 3 42 0001

The Dísir attack San Francisco

Later, Loki told the New Mutants what he needed for the counter-spell and they all went to get a hammer from Arthur (Thor), a sandwich from the baker, hair from Andy (Fandral), blood from the barber, trash from Helen, an oath from the homeless war veteran, and sweat from Tif. As Loki mixed all the ingredients, the spell began to grow weaker and the Asgardians started to behave like themselves again. Suddenly, a cry was heard and the Dísir reverted to their former selves and started to attack San Francisco. When Dani and Loki went outside and saw the chaos, Loki revealed that he thought that everyone was playing pretend, which meant that he had lied when he said that he remembered who he really was. As the Mutants went to fight the zombies, the boy was left with a shocked Sigurd and yelled at the Mutants not to leave him alone with him.[4]

As the Dísir continue to attack the city, Luke ran away to an alley confused by what the New Mutants had told him about being really Loki, when he thought it was a game all along, and felt guilty that his actions brought all that chaos. Then, the stray dog from the alley attacked him and bit his arm. As Luke cried out for the dog to let him go, he recalled that his name is Thori, thus turning Luke back into Loki, along with Thori and Ikol. Loki asked Ikol if it was true that he sold that spell to Sigurd and the bird confirms the story. When Loki asked him why he didn't say anything before, Ikol simply answered that he is evil and that Loki should not have expected any less.[25]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616), and Thori (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 638

Luke turns back into Loki

Loki, Thori and Ikol met with Dani, who was luring the Dísir away from the civilians, and told her that while he could not break the spell, Hela can. After luring the Dísir to Helen and Leigh's house, he placed both himself and Leigh before the handmaidens, triggering Helen's defenses and causing the two to revert to Hela and Leah. Leah screamed that she would hate him forever. Hela gave Dani her Valkyrie armor and harpoons and nets to catch the Dísir. Brün managed to find Sigurd and was about to kill him when Dani and Loki caught her. Then, Brün revealed the true story behind their curse: the handmaidens of Bor had gotten involved with Sigurd's men and Brün with Sigurd, but when Bor found out he ruthlessly killed the men. Brün saved Sigurd by helping him escape. Furious, Bor cursed the Dísir into becoming cannibal monsters for all eternity until they either killed Sigurd or married him. After hearing the story, Dani went to Hel and after she found Bor she told him that Sigurd is going to marry, to which the old god answers: "finally".[25]

During the Dísir wedding, Bor proclaimed the handmaidens' servitude to Sigurd, which sickens Dani and she interrupts the old God calling him a chauvinist. Angered, Bor attacked Dani. Both the New Mutants and the Dísir came to her aid, while Sigurd took the chance to run away. Dani told Loki that he had to do something since he was the one who started all this. Since his first plan was ruined, Loki asked Hela to take him to Hel and they disappear. Because Dani injured Bor and he bled, the Dísir went berserk and Bor retreated back to Hel, followed by Dani and his former handmaidens. To Bor's dismay, Hel's gates were closed; Loki told his foster grandfather that Hela entrusted him to watch the gates and he decided to "shut up shop for the day". As the Dísir and Dani approach them, Dani asked Loki what he was doing, to which he answered that this was Plan B. Loki told his grandfather that the only way he could save himself now would be to lift the Dísir's soul-hunger curse. After cursing Loki, Bor angrily complied and the Dísir were turned back into normal. However, Hela told them that they are centuries away from their mortal state and that they should choose their fate: go to eternal rest or become her Valkyries. Brün and the others freely decided to serve Hela. She ordered them that their first task would be to take Bor back to Hel, where she would deal with him later, much to his exasperation.[26]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Mephisto (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 3 43 0001

Mephisto threatens Loki

When Loki and Dani return to Midgard, they realize that the spell was broken and all the Asgardians turned back to normal. While Thor thanks Dani and the New Mutants, Volstagg playfully grabs Loki and ruffles his hair, telling him that they owe him their thanks as well, even if it pains him to say so. While the mutants and the Asgardians help rebuild the damages made by the battle, Mephisto appears before Loki and tells him how angry he is since he lost both the Dísir and his chances with Amara. Before Loki can say anything, Mephisto tells him that he made an enemy of him and that he'll have his revenge. When Dani asks him to whom he was talking, the boy lies and tells her "no one".[26]

Manchester Gods[]

When Avalon was threatened by mysterious mechanical cities rising out of the ground, taking over land and people, a delegate is sent to Asgardia seeking help against the mysterious "Silent Ones." While the All-Mothers decline, to Thor's exasperation, they decide to send Loki with his particular "skills" to ensure the "Otherworld" is in peace.[27]

Loki and Leah arrived in England which causes Loki to immediately ask everyone he meets if they know “the Queen”. After meeting with Captain Britain and his allies, Hela sends a message through Leah that she wants Loki to find the Holy Grail, so that she can heal her lost hand during her battle with the Dísir. After witnessing a horrible battle against the mechanical cities, Loki decides to search for a smarter way to win the war and avoid more deaths.[27]

Loki and Leah meet up with Daimon Hellstrom and enlist him to help find places of power for the Manchester Gods. When Hellstrom finds them, Loki uses the info to destroy a house powered by hydroelectric power. In Otherworld, it causes one of the rampaging city gods to retreat in fear. Loki tells the Otherworld residents and soldiers what he’s learned about these places of power (that operate like the certain monuments of Otherworld). Loki uses this map of these places as leverage to feed half-true info about attacks to the Manchester Gods. After meeting their leader, Master Wilson, Loki and Leah have gained the trust of the Manchester Gods, but Wilson talks to Loki about the Otherworld's stubbornness to accept change and tells the boy that he, more than anyone, should be able to understand. Troubled by Wilson's words, Loki ends up agreeing with his point of view and tells Leah they are fighting on the wrong side.[28]

Regretful, Loki and Leah use the information about the places of power for the old gods to destroy them, weakening Otherworld enough to force them into a treaty and preventing further death and suffering. After that, Loki meets up with Daimon and tells him what he did. When Daimon asks him why he is telling him the truth, the boy explains that was because he had hidden his plans from him when they fought Nightmare and that, even though he is Loki, he can be a different person than what he was, earning Hellstom's trust.[29]

Through a deal with Wilson, in which he distracts the Lady of the Lake with paperwork, Loki leads Hela to the Holy Grail and she recovers her severed hand. However, by repaying his debt, Leah is sacrificed and vanishes from existence, leaving Loki in tears. Hela reveals to Loki that legends claim that she is his daughter and asks him what he thinks, to which the boy angrily tells her to leave him alone. After she leaves, Ikol taunts Loki about Leah and Loki tells him how important she was to him. In Asgardia, Loki faces the All-Mothers' wrath and makes it clear that if they don’t want him to save the day then they must stop asking him to do so.[29]

Everything Burns[]

When various churches in Broxton burst into flames, not even Thor's powers can extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, Loki goes to Freya to tell her that something is wrong when his foster mother asks him if he remembers his father, Laufey. Loki denies and Freyja thinks about her father's decision to use Surtur's power to defeat Odin and the Aesir and her own wedding to the All-Father to establish peace.[citation needed]

When Thor returns from Broxton, he asks Loki to help him heal his burned hands, something an ordinary fire wouldn't be able to do. As Loki bandages his brother's hands, he tells him that Odin would probably know what fire that is, to which Thor angrily mutters that they didn't need him while Loki compares him to a sunset, lovely to see and be in its presence, but then gone.[citation needed]

Gullveig (Earth-616), Thor Odinson (Earth-616), Volstagg (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), and Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 642 0001

Loki is shocked to see Vanaheim using the technology from the Manchester Gods

When the World Tree suddenly starts to burn, Thor and Loki go to investigate. Meanwhile, the Temple of Union on Vanaheim was set on aflame by Gullveig, Freyja's sister, and her warriors. Loki, Thor and several warriors go there and fight against the Vanir, however, Volstagg questions why they are fighting Vanaheim with a Vanir Queen. Though Thor tries to reason with Gullveig, she calls upon the technology of the Manchester Gods, horrifying Loki as he realizes what he had done. After the Vanaheim warriors withdraw, Loki grabs his brother and tells him that they need to talk.[30]

Thor Odinson (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), and Thori (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 642 0001

Loki embraces his brother after telling him the truth

While in Leah's cave, Loki told Thor everything he had done since the war against the Serpent to his alliance with the Manchester Gods. Though Thor was angry with Loki's actions and berated him, the boy burst into tears and cried out that he was only trying to help. Touched, Thor embraced his little brother and told him they would make things right.[30]

In England, the two brothers questioned Master Wilson and he admitted to using Surtur's fire to create their mechanical cities, but denying that he knew anything about his motives. Thor threatened Wilson in case the Nine Realms fell, but Loki stopped him, saying that he was to blame too. When they return to Asgardia, Volstagg and the other warriors had accused the All-Mothers of treason after having discovered a Starkphone with photos and films of Loki's missions and their orders. Freyja tried to reason with them, but to no avail, the Warriors Three demand that they be arrested. Thor yelled at Fandral and the two men almost fought while Loki and Hogun tried to stop them.[30]

Thor Odinson (Earth-616), Warriors Three (Earth-616), and Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 642 0001

Thor protects Loki from the Warriors Three

Volstagg urged them to wait, and considering all the events that led them to that situation, he told them that Loki should be contained as well, since his motives were suspicious, and to "calm hot blood". Thor was enraged and yelled that they would have to go through him to get to Loki. As Thor fought his friends and other Asgardians, he told his little brother to run.[30]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 643 0001

Loki reveals his hatred for Thor and the Asgardians

Later, Loki met with Hela but she refused to help them in their fight against Surtur. After talking to Thor, the boy stole the cell phone used to expose him and traveled to Muspelheim along with Thori and Ikol. Right after they arrived, Surtur's spy attacked them and revealed herself as the Leah Loki wrote on the Serpent's story to give him a good moment in the past but no further development, making her want revenge against the trickster. Loki appeared shocked before telling that it was perfect and revealed that all his past actions were evil. Loki told Leah how Thor brought him back to life only to abandon him with people who hated him and would never trust him. In both anger and tears, Loki revealed how much he hated all of them and that he and Leah would make them pay by joining with Surtur and help him reduce them all into ashes. Convincing Leah, Ikol, and Surtur, Loki lured Thor to Muspelheim and betrayed him by letting him fall into a pit of lava.[citation needed]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Fire Giants from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 644 0001

Loki steals the Twilight Shadow from Surtur

Later, Loki met with the Warriors Three and Sif who asked him if he had seen Thor, to which he lied and said that he didn't. As the Asgardian forces were defeated and being controlled by Surtur, Loki asked if they could use the Destroyer like he and Volstagg did in the past, making Fandral and Hogun turn against the new king. After Ikol congratulated the boy for undoing all the good he ever did, Loki went to Surtur again and stole the Twilight Shadow. While Thor was getting attacked inside the lava, Loki appeared to him as an astral projection and told his brother to let it drag him down and let the darkness win. Leah complained to Surtur that Loki had lied and tricked her again, but the fire colossus told her that he anticipated Loki's deceit and unleashed the Hel-Wolf to kill the boy.[citation needed]

Surtur (Earth-616), Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616), and Leah (Loki's creation) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 644 0001

Loki and Leah are attacked by Surtur

While Loki and Ikol hid from the beast, Thori offered to trick his father by taking one of Loki's gloves at the risk of his own life. After waiting for a while in a cave, worrying for Thori's safety, Loki finally decided to come out only to be attacked by the Hel-Wolf, Surtur's warriors, and Thori, who had betrayed him to his father. Loki cried with grief as the dog he saved revealed his hatred for him and how he made him kneel. Fortunately, the Trickster was saved by Garm and the Dísir, who took him to Hela so he could travel to the past and go to the Serpent's story once more and give Leah a story, personality, and freedom of choice. Back in the present, Leah sensed that Loki changed the past and summoned him to her and Surtur's presence. Surtur tries to kill Loki, but Leah saves him. Loki explains to her that he could have saved the Nine Realms first, but then he wouldn't be able to help her and he couldn't leave her. Deeply moved, Leah thanks Loki for what he did to her and tells him he did the best he could. Now out of plans, Loki and Leah were attacked by the enraged Surtur.[31]

As they were about to be killed, Loki and Leah almost kissed, only to be interrupted by Thor's arrival with the warriors from the afterlife. However, Surtur's power was too great for even Thor to handle, so Loki concludes that the Manchester Gods are the conduit of Surtur's power and Leah takes them to England. After talking to Master Wilson and explaining how they were all played and used by Surtur, Wilson decides to sacrifice himself and the Manchester Gods, paying his debt to Loki.[31]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) and Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Mighty Thor Vol 2 21 001

Loki gives Thor the Shadow Blade

Back in the battlefield, Surtur noticed the destruction of the fuses but kept attacking. Loki asked Leah to go back to the battle and they face Thor; despite Thor's rejection of Loki, Loki gave him the sword of the Twilight Shadow, which connects with Mjolnir. However, destroying Surtur would release a huge amount of energy; grudgingly, Thor admitted they need Odin's help, but, with a mischievous smile, informed Loki they would trick him. Loki and Leah disguised themselves as Freyja and convinced Odin to leave his exile to help his sons. Realizing that he had been fooled, but wanting to save the universe as well, Odin contained all the energy from Surtur's demise.[31]

Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) and Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 645 001

Elder Loki reveals his real plan

Back at Asgardia, both Thor and Loki had to explain their actions to the All-Mothers, who were not pleased that they disturbed Odin, but Thor told them that at least Asgardia still stood. Later, Loki and Leah found Daimon Hellstrom in Leah's cave, apparently injured. Daimon told Loki that Mephisto got the Fear Crown he made before passing out, leaving the young godling to wonder if he had been betrayed and noticing Ikol's absence. Leah told Loki to stop pretending as they both knew "Ikol" only existed inside his head because he was a "parasitic little story", which was why Leah could also see him. Excusing himself, Loki left Leah's cave, telling her that he might be gone for a while.[9]

Meeting with his elder self, young Loki discovered his old self asked the Teller to write his story and give the information about the Fear Crown to Mephisto so he could rule all hells; the only way to prevent this and destroy the crown is to destroy this incarnation and let Ikol take his body and good name. The boy asked Ikol if he never meant to change after all, to which the elder Trickster says that he wanted to change and not the child Loki. Thus, he told the boy that he could have three conversations but could not reveal anything.[9]

Thor Odinson (Earth-616) and Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 645 001

Young Loki says goodbye to his brother Thor

Loki went to Leah's cave but didn't talk to her, just saying that he needed to go to Hel. Leah opened a portal and followed the boy while he asked Brün if she can devour him, but the Dísir refused because he had ended their curse. Next, Loki spoke to Hela and asked her to send Leah away, much to the girl's confusion who screamed at Loki to talk to her and that she hated him. As Loki cries, Hela comforted him by telling him that Leah would grow up knowing how to deal with the likes of him, to his confusion. After Loki left, Hela continued to talk, implying that she is Leah, now grown.[9]

Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 645 0001

A copy of the original Loki takes over his younger self's body

Finally, Loki went to Thor and hugged him, crying. Though Thor tried to understand what was wrong, Loki telling his brother to promise to kill him if he turned evil since they both knew how his story would end. Thor refused and told his little brother that he would never give up on him and that Loki should have faith in himself too. Crying and hugging Thor, Loki told him that he was "the biggest, sweetest idiot in the whole nine realms".[9]

When Loki finally faces Ikol, he asked what would happen when he took over. Ikol told the boy that the fear crown was going to disappear with his death and the future and everyone would be safe and happy. The boy told him that he was lying and that he would never change, while the child Loki played and changed, his elder self was just being himself and so he had lost. Then, the boy picked up the magpie and ate it. As the Spirit of old Loki disappeared, the young Loki said that he'd won and he'd taken over by the copy of his elder self. The new Loki then grabbed his horned helmet and damned himself.[9]

Young Avengers[]

Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-616) from Young Avengers Vol 2 5 0002

Young Loki haunts his elder self

Later, when Loki took the powers of Wiccan, his younger self appeared before him in a vision, claiming to be his guilty consciousness and berating him for taking his body, his life and reputation, only to start ruining it all. His elder self dismissed him by telling that he wasn't real and what he did wasn't really murder, since gods are created from story. He also added that his younger self's body not only confounded his powers, but also himself and that he was glad that he killed him, only for the young boy to tell him that he wasn't dead, before disappearing. After the battle in Central Park, young Loki appeared once more to tell his elder self that Miss America was on to him.[32]

At the final battle against Mother, this being was revealed to actually be the living embodiment of Loki's guilty conscience, and his missing power.[33]

Asgardians of the Galaxy[]

Brought back by a spell of his current self,[11] Kid Loki was found in a forbidden and mysterious location in space by Angela, the firstborn child of Odin and Freyja who had lived among the Angels of Heven, during her search for her ex-girlfriend Sera. Loki promised to help Angela locate Sera in exchange for her aid in finding the Naglfar Beacon,[34] a powerful weapon created by Loki's past incarnation that Loki intended to use in the upcoming War of the Realms.[35]

Loki Laufeyson (Kid Loki) (Earth-616) from Asgardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 1 001

Kid Loki returned

To this end, Angela assembled a team that became known as the Asgardians of the Galaxy and raced to obtain the Naglfar Beacon before Nebula, a space pirate who had learned of its existence and wanted to use it to one-up her rival Gamora. Loki joined the Asgardians of the Galaxy in battle, using the Destroyer Armor both as a weapon and a concealment. The team failed to retrieve the Nagflar Beacon,[36] but remained on Nebula's trail.[37] After learning that Nebula intended to unleash the Naglfar Armada on Earth, Loki tried to warn Thor, but he had already been subdued by the villain.[38] Nebula abducted Loki to her ship, but the Asgardians of the Galaxy tracked her. Loki incapacitated Nebula with an elaborate illusion, long enough for Valkyrie to take the Naglfar Beacon from her, forcing Nebula to escape. With the Nagflar Beacon in their hands, Loki set out to hide it and then find Sera.[34] After the Asgardians encountered Sera and with the Beacon in their possession, Kid Loki's mission was accomplished. As a result, the spell that allowed him to exist was dismissed, causing him to fade away.[11]


After being reborn, Loki became a child completely, although he retained most of his former bad traits and habits such as lying, cheating and using tricks and manipulating people to achieve his goals. However, unlike his elder-self, he is a lot more gullible and, according to Ikol, has a lot more heart, using his tricks and schemes with good intentions and pretending to be "evil" because that's what his former enemies and allies expect from him. After learning a little more about his past villainy, Loki often worries that he's "evil" and there's nothing he can do to change it. Yet, he decides that he will not turn into a villain again and feels guilty for the crimes he committed though he can't remember them, especially for what he had done to Thor and the Dísir, thinking of himself as much a "monster" as the shieldmaidens are. Despite losing his powers, Loki doesn't appear frustrated, having also lost his lust for power and his desire to rule Asgard. He appears to be sassy, cunning, very mischievous, cheerful, and truly childish.

Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 625 Textless

Loki and Leah

He also shows a lot of interest in Midgard and wishes to learn more about it as possible. He became interested in cell phones (he bought a Stark Phone, which he often uses to take pictures) and the Internet, learning about memes and downloading movies. When he goes to Broxton, he sometimes takes Leah along, claiming that they are going to be B.F.F.s much to her anger and confusion. Loki also refused to kill one of the Hel Pups, who was deemed as born bad and vicious, instead, he named him Thori and kept it, claiming that he was a good dog and crying when the dog betrayed him despite everything he did.

Another noticeable difference are his feelings towards Thor. Since his brother is the only person who protects and loves him, Loki came to truly love and idolize Thor, seeing him as fearless and heroic and wishing to win his trust and pride. His love for his older brother being the main reason for his desire to change into a better person and also being strong enough that he was the only person not to be fooled by Tanarus when he took Thor's place in the world.

He has strong feelings towards his best friend, Leah, risking his life to save her and almost kissing her. After the first Leah became part of Hela and he was forced to send second Leah away, Loki cried for her loss. It was hinted that they had romantic feelings for each other.


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  • Asgardian Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Agility
  • Magic: Much like his his previous incarnation, Kid Loki is able to tap into and manipulate magical energies for a variety of different purposes, including: telekinesis, sensing energies and emotions within his environment, illusion casting, and projecting magical energy bolts.


While apparently possessing some extrasensory abilities that resemble psionic powers, Loki can't directly read the minds of other beings, nor can he control their actions. The loss of his sorcery is his greatest weakness.



Formerly The Destroyer


  • Tom Hiddleston, the actor who played Loki in the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wrote a letter to Kieron Gillen, expressing how they "see" the character in the same way and congratulated the writer, claiming that it was an honor to share Loki's legacy with him.


  • According to an interview with Kieron Gillen, Loki fears growing up, specifically, he fears growing up to become the man he once was. Also, when asked by a fan what Loki wanted to be when he grows up, he answered:
    • Older.
    • Not a grown-up.
    • Not Loki. As in, that Loki. You know the one. He was on that movie.
  • Leah is his one and only BFF. They almost kissed once...then Thor interrupted.

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