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Lola Daniels was recruited by the Department of Defense out of college due to her telepathic abilities. As part of an assignment, Lola dated Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D., under the disguise of working for a K Street lobbyist. She read Coulson's mind to extract information on how to potentially defeat numerous major super heroes, due to Phil's expertise on super humans. Lola broke up with Phil shortly before marriage, when her mission had been fulfilled. All of the intel extracted from Coulson's mind was eventually used to create the Quantum Drive.[1]

When an individual stormed the Pentagon in a counterfeit Iron Man armor and stole an unidentified object, Coulson tried to get Lola to give him information. Following a one-night stand, Coulson sneaked past Lola while she was sleeping and tried to gather information, but he was discovered. Lola ultimately revealed that the object missing was the Quantum Drive,[2] and even explained the nature and origin of the object. She was taken into custody, but used by Coulson to extract information on the whereabouts of the Drive out of Iron Maiden.[1] However, at the same time Lola also read in her mind about Pleasant Hill and tried to transmit the information to the Pentagon, leading to Coulson arresting her again.[3] Grant Ward broke her out of S.H.I.E.L.D. custody some time later and took her to re-read the Axiom information from Coulson's mind, whom he had imprisoned.[4]

Once Coulson broke free from his cell, he liberated Lola. The ensuing confrontation between Ward and Hydra's leader Gorgon escalated to an all-out battle when reinforcements arrived for both sides. After the defeat of Hydra's forces, Ward tried to escape using Lola as leverage. When she tried to break free from Ward's grasp, he evaporated Lola with a repulsor ray.[5]

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Telepathy: Lola is a mind-reader.[1] The origin of her powers has not been revealed.


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