London was a young boy walking on Central Park whose attention was caught by Groot. London then followed Groot on his bike when the tree creaturecaught notice of a bank robbery perpetuated by Armadillo and gave chase.

London (Central Park) (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 16 002

Defending Groot

Groot eventually tackled Armadillo and defeated him besides the steel globe at Columbus Circle. When the NYPD attempted to subdue Groot, London intervened, with other bystanders joining his protest. Groot shielded London when Armadillo got back up, and then walked away once the villain was defeated.

While sitting on a balcony, London reflected the current state of the world, frustratedly wondering why there was evil and meanness. In response to London's worries, Groot made him look up as a group of heros marched through the streets of the city, who represented the good in the world. Groot and London then returned to Central Park, and played together, with Groot making a swing for him.[1]

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