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Seeking information that could help him locate Eternity, Dr. Strange took an intercontinental jet and landed at Heathrow, dealing with any of Mordo's minions sent to deal with him[1].

Some time later, Captain Britain battled Hurricane at Heathrow Airport, and ended up chained over the air intake of a Concorde, facing a horrific and messy death when Hurricane was about to start its engines[2].
Transforming into his civilian identity, the superhero eventually managed to free himself and defeat the villain[3].

A while later, Mr. Moran and Mr. Roak, two representatives of the Commission, the top European hierarchy of the Maggia, were introduced by Miss Locke to meet Arcade in a privately-owned 747, and hire him to eliminate Brian Braddock, whom they suspected was in reality Captain Britain. They were unaware that they were being spied on by Brain's lover Courtney Ross.[4]

A short time later, Steve Rogers landed at London's Heathrow Airport to reach Falsworth Manor.[5]

A few years later, he landed again at Heathrow to meet with Joey Chapman.[6]

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