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Long Island is the largest of the islands in the continental United States, covering over 1,400 square miles. Long Island is 118 miles long and ranges from 12 to 20 miles wide, extending from New York harbor into the Atlantic Ocean.

Brooklyn and Queens account for over half of total areas and are boroughs of New York City. Nassau and Suffolk counties are mainly suburban areas with stretching farmlands and rural sections on the most outlying portions. Long Island has a major commuter base in population as people living in the quieter suburbs make their living in Manhattan.

Due to its close proximity to New York City, a major superhero hub, many of the vigilante action and battles have spread into suburban Long Island.

Alternate Realities[]


The Avengers went to the building on Long Island which housed the Herodotron in their own time. They broke into the facility and found that it also existed in this alternate reality, so they decided to wire Captain America into the device because he had the will power to handle all the incoming information and learned the truth of Earth-689.[1]


Long Island from Daredevil Annual Vol 1 1 001

Earth-1218's Long Island

During the most violent snowstorm of the winter of 1968, Gene Colan drove on an almost impassable road to bring the last ten pages of Daredevil for Stan Lee to write.[2]


In December 1991, Howard and Maria Stark died on Long Island in a car crash[3] orchestrated by Hydra.[4]

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