"Longnails" Legarya was a well known mobster who was active during the 1940's. In 1942, he learned that reformed convict Jerry Madden had taken up a job as a security guard at the City Trust Co. and attempted to convince him to help pull a job at the bank. Madden violently refused and told Longnails to not come near him again. Seeking to retaliate against Jerry, Legarya and his gang attacked him only to be fought off by the Black Marvel.

Even more embittered, Longnails then decided to frame Jerry for the robbery he was planning. Attacking Jerry on his way to work, Longnails stole his uniform and used it to get past security and rob the City Trust Co. When the bank manager attempted to stop Longnails, the mobster shot him dead. The police believed that it was Jerry who was responsible. Leading the authorities back to his hideout, Longnails hoped to leave Jerry behind to be arrested for the crimes he committed.

Arriving at his hideout, Longnails and his gang were once more attacked by the Black Marvel. While the gang was rounded up, Longnails managed to escape in a motorboat. The Black Marvel stopped him from escaping and turned him over to the authorities, where he confessed to his crime.

He was to be tried for murder and if found guilty he was to be hung.[1] If this was Legarya's fate remains unrevealed.


Longnails carried a pistol.

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