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Quote1.png You're so reckless and wild-- you fascinate me. It's like looking in a mirror. Quote2.png
Ricochet Rita

Appearing in "…I’ll Wave to You from the Top!"

Featured Characters:

  • Longshot (Main story and flashback) (Apparent death)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jackson (First and only known appearance; dies) (Only in flashback)
  • 🢐 Quark 🢒 (Unnamed) (Shadow only)
  • Mysterious hooded beings (First appearance) (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:




  • Film crew's train
  • Ricochet Rita's motorcycle
  • Film crew's jetpacks

Synopsis for "…I’ll Wave to You from the Top!"

Longshot and Pup jump onto a running train, unaware that they are destroying a film scene. Longshot notices that Pup has changed physically, but the creature disappears when Longshot is distracted by the stunt woman, Ricochet Rita, who is to bring Longshot to the director, ‘Hitch.’ Impressed by Longshot’s moves, Hitch offers him a job as stuntman. In spite of his feelings that being an actor is a shameful job, Longshot accepts remembering Eliot’s advice that he should make money quick. He quickly befriends Rita, who, like him, is an action junkie. During a flight stunt, he has a vague memory of having been both an actor and a slave. The night before a very dangerous stunt, Rita kisses him but runs away when she realizes that he probably isn’t human. Moments later, Longshot is attacked by the demons who are stuck between the worlds, due to him, but they are absorbed by the returned Pup, who has grown. Rita returns, demanding to know what Pup is. Longshot wants some answer himself and Pup lashes out that he hates him and disappears. The next day, during the stunt, Longshot realizes something is off. His luck is missing. As he is hit by the lasers, he recalls a strange ceremony that apparently was responsible for his incredible luck – which only works when his motives are pure. He falls down horribly injured and seemingly dead. Fearing charges of manslaughter, Hitch dumps the body in a river.


  • Williams is assistant inker.


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