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Quote1.png But in you, there is the possibility-- for miracles! They lied to you-- you weren't built. You were genetically engineered, and I should know. You are living breathing creatures, as real as they. Know that and the rest will follow! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Deadly Lies"

Featured Characters:

  • Longshot (Main story and flashback) (Origin revealed)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Mojo's interdimensional ship

Synopsis for "Deadly Lies"

Longshot confronts Gog N'MaGog, who blames him for being stuck there and having grown into this monstrosity. Unsure about his own role, Longshot’s heart isn’t in the battle. Help arrives in the form of a ram-headed warrior, whom Longshot recognizes as one of Gog N'Magog's pals, even though he appears to share Longshot’s luck power. Longshot leaves to let them fight it out. Outside, he unhappily again tries to remember, and has a memory flash of meeting his creator, Arize, who told him that they shouldn’t be slaves and urged him to lead a rebellion. Longshot decides to look up Rita. Rita has, in the meantime, been kidnapped to another dimension by Mojo and Spiral and is being driven mad. Mojo and Spiral’s arrival has been noticed by Doctor Strange, who also leaves for Rita’s apartment to investigate. There, he meets Longshot, who is only interested in helping Rita, until Strange reminds him of his duty to clean up his own messes. They return to the Cloisters, where together they destroy Gog N'Magog. The ram-headed being, Quark, is revealed to be an old friend of Longshot. They swap tales and Strange points out that the two beings who entered this dimension are still unaccounted for. Quark has his fears over their identity and Longshot finally decides to take charge.


  • Williams is assistant inker.

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