Lonnie Lattimer is a reporter for a new publication in the city of Cosmopolis, New Troy. While working there she met a cartoonist also working at the newspaper named Mark Milton, who was secretly the paranormal hero known as Hyperion.

The two eventually fell in love and began a relationship with one another. However, their relationship was derailed when the Serpent Cartel took control of the Earth and the various members of the Squadron Supreme became their personal enforcers. Hyperion and Nighthawk fought against them with other heroes from another reality and defeated them. This left their world economically and politically devastated.

While developing their "Utopia Program" the members of the Squadron Supreme decided to reveal their true identities to the world. So on the eve of the public announcement, Hyperion visited Lonnie in the middle of the night to tell her that a relationship between them would never work out. He revealed that he would never be able to have children with her and that he needed to let go of the dream of a normal life with her. In tears, she asked him to leave.

Shortly thereafter he and the other Squadron Supreme members started their Utopia Program.

Lonnie Lattimer was killed along with the other natives of Earth when this reality was destroyed.


No known paranormal powers

  • Lonni Lattimer was created as a pastiche of DC Comics' Lois Lane.

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