When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Tombstone was among the many supervillians that succumbed to it. At some point, Tombstone aligned himself with the King of Death. Along with many other cannibals working for the King of Death, he ambushed the Punisher, Deadpool, Scorpion and Black Widow when they tried to free his uninfected prisoners. Tombstone held Black Widow in place while Hammerhead charged at her. Though the end result is unknown, she survived the hit and fought Madame Masque. But as Black Widow was about to deliver the finishing blow, she was seemingly run through by Tombstone.[1] The Punisher was eventually subdued and tortured by the King of Death while Deadpool was taken prisoner.

Since the Punisher was unwilling to give Patient Zero's whereabouts, the King of Death had Tombstone hold Mary Jane Watson, Patient Zero's uninfected and pregnant mate, and threatened to kill her. As an argument ensued between her and the King of Death, Tombstone noticed Deadpool attempting to ambush them from behind. As Tombstone tried to get the drop on him, Deadpool kicked him and sent him falling on top of Iceman. Though it is unclear if this is how he died, the Punisher's grenades and violent rampage decimated the King of Death's tribe, making certain that he is dead.[2]


Seemingly those of Lonnie Lincoln (Earth-616)#Powers.


Due to his exposure to Survivor 118, Tombstone was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment.

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