L. Thompson Lincoln was a calculating, emotionless and highly intelligent crime lord, though to the public he has the image of a benevolent wealthy man, acting as a philanthropist. His voice was first heard as the "Big Man" when he had Hammerhead send the Enforcers to challenge Spider-Man during his fight with the Vulture. After Ox and Fancy Dan were jailed, Tombstone ordered Hammerhead to have Montana use the equipment he stole to become Shocker. When Shocker was defeated, Tombstone had Hammerhead forge an alliance between him and Norman Osborn to create super villains to distract Spider-Man from his activities (this resulted in the creation of Sandman and Rhino). After learning Tombstone's identity from Rhino, Spider-Man confronted Lincoln as all the evidence pointed to him being the mysterious crime boss known as the Big Man. Lincoln stated that he has had many names and that his favorite is Tombstone. However it should be noted that Tombstone never outright admits that he is the "Big Man" (Hammerhead does, but even he might be wrong). After easily beating down Spider-Man (partially because Spider-Man underestimated him), Tombstone offered the hero money in exchange for looking the other way in certain cases, which Spider-Man refused. Tombstone subsequently sent in the police to incriminate Spider-Man as a villain.

Tombstone later attended a town banquet which was crashed by the Green Goblin who seeked to overthrow him. Spider-Man managed to save him. Green Goblin later made another attempt on his life by capturing Hammerhead and luring him into a trap with the threat of releasing evidence of Tombstone's criminal activities. He winded up working with Spider-Man in battle against the Goblin until Hammerhead was freed, at which point the two escape together in a helicopter. Tombstone was later visited by the symbiote-influenced Spider-Man who demanded the previous job opening. Tombstone would agree as long as Spider-Man did not fight crime for a week, unless it were a super villain. Following him breaking free from the Symbiote, Spider-Man broke their deal, saying that no amount of money was worth turning a blind eye to his operations, and vowed to bring him down. Just after Spider-Man left, Venom arrived and accepted the offer and told Tombstone he'd take down Spider-Man, to which Tombstone seemed unsurprised.

Tombstone later became involved in a gang war for control of New York with the Master Planner (Doctor Octopus) and Silvermane. He attended a summit with his two rivals, which Hammerhead used to trick them into fighting each other. The fight spilled out onto the streets, incurring Spider-Man's intervention. During the fight, Tombstone helped Spider-Man against the other two, after taking into consideration his public image if he did otherwise. When Silvermane and Doctor Octopus were taken out, Tombstone fought Spider-Man in a steam tunnel. After a brutal skirmish, Tombstone was knocked out when Spider-Man threw a piece of heavy metal piping at his head. With his identity as the Big Man revealed by Spider-Man (A fact colaborated by Frederick Foswell who had been undercover at the summit as "Patch"), Tombstone was taken into police custody, but first took a moment to fire Hammerhead. Tombstone managed to pay for his bail, but was put under surveillance by sixteen different government agencies, crippling his operations. However, this left his position as the Big Man to be taken over by the Green Goblin, who was the one who persuaded Hammerhead to try and topple Tombstone; Tombstone had correctly guessed so.


Seemingly those of Lonnie Lincoln of Earth-616.

  • Oddly, any mention of him in the episode descriptions on iTunes, he is referred to as "Kingpin", even mentioning Fisk Industries. This could be confirmation that Kingpin was planned, but replaced by Tombstone later on.

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