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Lonnie before becoming Tombstone

Lonnie Lincoln was a childhood friend of Joseph "Robbie" Robertson. Lonnie was rather rebellious and troublesome as a child while Robbie behaved well. One day, Lonnie convinced Robbie to help him rob a grocery store, but the police were alerted and arrested Lonnie, while Robbie escaped. Lonnie was eventually convicted and sent to a Young Offender's Institute. However, considering Robbie to be his loyal friend, Lonnie never gave his name to the police.

After being released, Lonnie became a crook while Robbie became a reporter. Eventually, Lonnie set up a break-in at the Spaulding Chemical Plant to lure Robbie. Upon arrival, Robbie was confronted by Lonnie, who tried to frame him as revenge for his prison sentence. After Lonnie sounded the alarm, Robbie gave chase, and Lonnie fell into a a vat of chemicals. Lucky for Robbie, his fellow workers told the police about the "tip" Robbie received. After the fall, Lonnie's skin turned white and his flesh tough and rock-like.[1]

Lonnie became an underworld hitman known as Tombstone, and was hired by Silvermane to steal the Tablet of Time, and to kidnap Dr. Curt Connors. After a fight with Spider-Man, Tombstone was successful, but Silvermane's attempt to restore his youth failed.[2][3]

Tombstone later tried to destroy incriminating evidence against Silvermane's daughter, Alisa, and contacted Robbie to try to have him get rid of certain photos. At the time, Tombstone was the leader of a posse which included Robbie's son Randy. Tombstone promised to set Randy free if he killed the Silvermane story. Robbie refused and sounded the alarm at the Spaulding Chemical Plant causing Tombstone's minions to flee. Spider-Man captured Tombstone by webbing him before he fell into the chemical vat again. Tombstone was sent to jail while Robbie and Randy confessed to the police about what happened.[1]

At Rooker's Island, Tombstone met Richard Fisk, son of the Kingpin. After Tombstone helped him out in several prison brawls, Richard agreed to contact his father to have Robbie framed and placed in the same penitentiary as them. When Robbie arrived, Tombstone and Richard began to conduct their escape with Robbie, but as they escaped in a helicopter Spider-Man stopped them both; then Tombstone and Fisk were sent back to prison.[4]


Seemingly those of Tombstone of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Tombstone of Earth-616

  • It is implied that Tombstone is a zombie or member of the undead, having claimed to Spider-Man that he "doesn't need to breathe", a likely result of falling into the vat of chemicals.

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