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Quote1.png It seems they Frankensteined together loose chunks of all the universes they've conquered. Quote2.png


Loomworld was the base of operations of the Inheritors within Earth-001, from where they accessed to the Web of Life and Destiny to travel across the Multiverse and hunt down Spider-Totems. Loomworld was built upon an unending landscape of conquered realms from countless wars waged across the Multiverse.[1]

After the Spider-Army defeated the Inheritors, a group of Spider-Totems formed a group called the Web-Warriors. They operated from Loomworld and used it as a hub to protect universes whose Spider-Totem had been killed by the vampiric villains.[2] The Web-Warriors eventually relocated every piece of landscape stolen to its rightful dimension, effectively dismantling Loomworld and leaving only their headquarters in place.[3]


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