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Lord Churchill is an evolved British Bulldog created by the High Evolutionary as one of his Knights of Wundagore. A noble and cunning sword fighter, he served on the team that was originally led by Sir Ram, and later Quicksilver.[1]

When Wundagore Mountain was under siege by the Acolytes, Churchill was among the knights who fended off their attack, eventually having to flee the area when Exodus assumed control of the citadel.[1] Along with the rest of his team, he relocated to The Haven, one of the High Evolutionary's secret bases in New York, while his master recuperated in a secure location.[2] After saving the city from a mind-warped Thundra,[3] Churchill and the rest of the team temporarily followed Quicksilver to the Inhuman home world of New Attilan to be with his wife Crystal, who had recently returned from the Heroes Reborn universe along with his sister, Wanda.[4]

Wanting to experience life among humans, Churchill and the rest of the knights have a night out in New York City, only to be captured by agents of Exodus.[5] After escaping capture, the team travels to the Savage Land to protect the High Evolutionary from the Acolytes, where Churchill realizes that one of their members, Lord Anon, whose face had been hidden behind a mask his entire stay on the team, was actually the villainous Man-Beast, and in league with Exodus. Before he could strike him down, Man-Beast ran him through with his sword.[6]



Lord Churchill's canine physiology gives him some degree of increased strength, agility, endurance, and senses as well as sharp claws and teeth. He is also an accomplished swordsman.


Due to his canine nature, Lord Churchill is said to experience emotions deeper than most individuals, such as grief at the loss of his fellow New Men.[1]



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