Captain Franklin came from the British upper class, his father had been a Lord with the title becoming his when his father died in a tragic horse riding accident in 1916.[1] By this time, Lord Franklin had already risen to the position of Captain in the Royal Flying Corps. In early 1917 Franklin was transferred to the newly created Eighty-Eight American Squadron, despite being British. Franklin was a solid military pilot and saved the life of Karl Kaufmann when the latter was on his way to the Eighty-Eight's headquarters.[2]

Franklin viewed Kaufmann with some resentment as he was the only one to return from a patrol led by Franklin's good friend, Tommy Proctor. When Kaufmann was still a rookie, Franklin informed him that it was his turn to do orderly duty. Franklin pulled a prank on Kaufmann by informing him that he would have to look into a "buggering" incident that had supposedly occurred amongst the squadron's mechanics. Kaufmann very awkwardly tried to broach the subject with the mechanics, only to find out that he had been made a fool of by the senior officer.[3] Later, when the Squadron were in the bar having drinks, an inebriated Kaufmann accused the British of being decadent. Taking this as a major slight, Franklin challenged Kaufmann to a punch drinking contest. Kaufmann, already drunk, quickly passed out, giving Franklin the opportunity to take his revenge. When Kaufmann woke up he found a large tattoo of the Union Jack drawn across his chest. Franklin, however, didn't get to enjoy his prank, as he was shot down and killed during the next morning's dawn patrol. Initially angry, Kaufmann later decided that he would wear the tattoo with pride and think of Franklin each time he looked at it.[1]


Lord Franklin was a very capable WWI era pilot and was a college boxer.

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