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Eerily silent and mysterious, possessed of a calm nature, Gator is known for striking when the enemy least expects it.


Lord Gator was brought to Counter-Earth with numerous other New Men to help his "father", the High Evolutionary cleanse his environment of the previous experiments that lived there.[2]

Along the way members of the Avengers Unity Division got transported to the planet via a teleportation spell of Doctor Voodoo, but it separated the group. Lord Gator came into contact with Sabretooth upon his arrival, and a battle ensued between Gator, his New Men and Creed.

Lord Gator was able to capture and torture Sabretooth, but it didn't work out well due to the mutant's healing factor. The High Evolutionary decided to transform him into a mindless tracker instead.[3]

After Sabretooth found the hidden base of the Low Evolutionary, Wyndham sent Lord Gator and a group of New Men there to kill him and his followers.[4]

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