Quote1 You come looking for Lord Ogre... And you'll find him. Quote2
-- Lord Ogre src

Lord Ogre was the most prominent mob boss in Philadelphia. He was involved in both illegal drug profiteering and human trafficking.[1] After Venom started interfering with his drug-related operations, Ogre put a bounty on his head, causing numerous supervillains to fight Venom to get the prize.[2]

Ogre was confronted by Venom's partner Mania in his penthouse after one of the villains working for the bounty killed her father. Ogre warned Mania he had a chemical bomb fastened to his chest which would go off if he died, but she assumed it was a bluff. Before she could kill him, Venom stopped her. Crossbones then interrupted the scene, as he had travelled to Philadelphia looking for Mania's hell-mark.

One of Crossbones' allies, Master Mayhem, summoned numerous demons from a dimensional portal to attack Mania, Venom, and Ogre. Lord Ogre was overpowered by the demons and killed, which detonated his chemical bomb. Venom quickly took the bomb and shoved it into Mayhem's portal to stop it from going off.[3]

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