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One of three brothers living in Naga Hills, India, the boy who would become Lord Templar was killed by a virus that swept through his village. His youngest brother managed to absorb the spirits of his deceased brothers into himself. Years later, the youngest brother discovered a shard of purifying light created by the universe itself to be used against the Triple-Evil.

Determined to stop the Triple-Evil, the youngest brother used the shard to return his brothers to life and formed the Triune Understanding to amass power for the looming threat. Calling himself Jonathan Tremont, the youngest brother began a smear campaign against the newly-returned Avengers in an effort to gain followers from the anti-superhuman crowd.

Tremont's first act against the Avengers was to send his brother, now known as Lord Templar, to test them during a battle between the team and A.I.M. During the battle, Templar shrugged off attacks from not only the Avengers but the New Warriors as well until he teleported away to report his findings to Tremont. Claiming he was on a mission for universal peace and law, Templar later turned up to "aid" the Avengers against the rampaging Pagan (secretly Templar's other brother, also an agent of Jonathan Tremont), teleporting the savage villain into space. He returned only briefly to destroy a Triune Understanding building in an effort to further discredit the Avengers.[1]

Lord Templar was seen again when he deemed the Avengers a threat to peace and law due to their championing of personal glory and individual efforts. He found the Avengers visiting Mrs. Chandler, wife of retired superhero 3-D Man, where he released Pagan and the Avatars of Templar to battle them until both he and Pagan were incapacitated.[2]

Lord Templar and Pagan then returned to Jonathan Tremont, only to be released when the threat of the Triple-Evil began to approach Earth. In order to combat the threat, the Avengers were forced to team up with Jonathan Tremont, who released Pagan and Lord Templar to aid in the battle against the Triple-Evil. Unfortunately, Tremont became drunk with power due to the energy he had absorbed from his followers and he began absorbing the life forces of every Triune soldier in the battle. When that energy proved insufficient for his domination plans, Tremont absorbed the life forces of Pagan and Templar as well, killing them. Triathlon soon managed to defeat Tremont however, when he used his own portion of the purifying light shards to absorb Tremont's power into himself.[citation needed]



  • Summoning: Can summon the mystic Avatars of Templar each of which has its own special "talent": strength, agility, electricity, force projection, energy direction, bladed arms.
  • Energy Projection: Templar can projects from his hands an unspecified type of energy capable of knocking back the likes of Thor and Rage. [3]
  • Superhuman Durability: Templar is far more durable than a common human, he could withstand the combined assault of the New Warriors without even flinching but more powerful opponents like the Scarlet Witch and Thor are able to harm him.
  • Flight
  • Teleportation

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