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Lori, a mystic of unknown origins, was commissioned as guardian of the Ghost Dancer. After the death of Nathaniel Great Owl, she presented herself to her successor James Owl first in the form of a huge eagle and then in human form.[1]

Even if he did not accepted what Lori told him about his legacy, James eventually became convinced when he first became a Ghost Dancer and Lori himself felt James' transformation.[2]
Having accepted his fate, James heard from Lori the legends about the Ghost Dancer and had her train him. After the clash between James and Manitou, Lori healed James from his wounds.[3]
In the final showdown between Ghost Dancer and Manitou, Lori lost her life but transferred her essence to Patti.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Lori possessed various mystical powers of unknown origin.

  • Shapeshiting: Lori could turn into a huge eagle or even a human-eagle hybrid which she used to fight.
  • Healing capability: Lori was able to temporarily heal the wounds of others, while thanks to meditation she was able to heal herself.
  • Telepathy: Lori was able to share images and memories with other people with simple contact.

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